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All About Visual Composer

Hello everyone, I have just finished my project on Visual Composer (VC) and I faced a lot many issues with it. Most of them were resolved on SDN forum itself. I thought that it would be good if I share these issues in form of a blog. So let’s start:

Roles required for VC:
One can get most of the information about required roles for VC Setting up Roles for CAF, GP and Visual Composer

Consume Web Services in VC application:
To consume web services in VC application, we have to define a web service system. There are two ways to configure a web service system. One can follow any of these links:
1. The specified item was not found.
We can use Visual Composer for creating User Interfaces for CAF applications. For this we need to generate web services from CAF applications.

Create callable object for Guided Procedure from VC iview:
This is the best link I found for creating callable object from VC iview: /saphelp_nw2004s/helpdata/de/44/429bbd709914bce10000000a155369/content.htm
Points which one should remember when using VC iview as callable object.
1. VC has a number data type which is treated as double in callable object interface. So if you want to pass the output of this callable object to another callable object, make other callable object¡¦s input parameter type as double. Otherwise you can¡¦t map this parameter.
2. In VC, value transfers to end state only on an event like some button click or select event. But if you want to pass value without any event, change the guard condition of link to true. It is one of the good uses of guard condition.

Open Html page within VC application:
If you want to open html page the in same window, you can use html view component. But if you want to open the html page in new window on button click, you can use system action “Hyperlink” for this.
We can’t use popup view option here because popup view cannot have html view:).

Open external iview from VC application:
If you want to open an iview, you can use html view and use its pcd address as url.We can get the pcd address from Portal->Content Administrator->Portal Content->your iview
This pcd would work fine if you use some iview of other VC model. But if the iview is a standard SAP iview like universal worklist iview, it would generate the following error: “EPCM undefined”. I am still not able to solve it.
There is a workaround for this:);. When you preview an iview, note its url and use it in html view or in system action Hyperlink.

When to store value in Data Store:
Data store is used to store values for future use. Values are stored in data store only when connected link is associated with some action. Or else it would take initial value.
For example: If we want to store some web service output in data store, it would not get stored into data store. I figured out a workround for it.
To do this we can use input form with visibility false and also assign guard condition TRUE to connected link.

Display Date in VC:
If we want to display date in VC using either table view or in form view, and we are using date as data type, it will convert days to month and vice-visa. Date goes/comes correct to/from backend but only display problem.
The workaround solution is to use String data type in place of date data type.

Frequently-Used Dynamic Expressions:
These are used when we need some processing at UI. To manipulate dates, string etc…follow this link.

Pass parameter to VC iview using url:
If we want to run our VC iview using url and also want to pass some parameter at start, follow this link:

Count number of rows in table:
To find the number of entries in the table, use Sigma operator on web service output and use count operation on any field. This operator will get you only count of number data type fields of the table.

I am thankful to Puru to review my first weblog.

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      Author's profile photo Venkata Ramisetti
      Venkata Ramisetti
      I think blog covered all important points in VC. Thanks for nice blog.
      Author's profile photo Ashutosh Rastogi
      Ashutosh Rastogi
      Hey Saurabh,

      Nice set of problems and workarounds for VC 🙂


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Nice work with the blog, hope you can add some more intresting stuff, waitinf for that to happen,

      bye bye

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Sourabh,

      Thanks for the have noted down some real good points.

      I am facing one issue in this area.
      I am using HTML view in visual composer and have specified url as url of one of my iviews in the portal.But the view doesnt work..The loading screen comes and then it gives an error on page saying object required with url of my HTML view created VC.

      Can you please suggest someting on this? THis iview i had created a year ago and worked well at that time.

      We had portal upgrade in the mean time.Can it be due to upgrade?