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Send RFC to SAP XI – Asynchronous

This blog deals with triggering an RFC from SAP R/3 asynchronously. The configurations required at SAP R/3 for triggering RFC’s are explained by Michal and Shabarish, but there is no blog on sending RFC asynchronously. This blog provides a complete walk through from triggering RFC from SAP R/3 Asynchronously.

My requirement is to execute the RFC in SAP R/3 and send the output to SAP XI which needs to download to the database. I do not require any response from the database. I am using RFC_READ_TABLE function module in SAP R/3. This function module expects the Table name as Input parameter.

By default, if there is any input parameter to be passed to the sender RFC, it treats it as a synchronous call. The work around to achieve this requirement is to create a dummy RFC which would not have any import parameters and just the export parameters or table parameters as shown below:


Then on create an executable report in SE38. The first step in the program would be to execute the RFC_READ_TABLE function module in SE38 using a variant. Pass on the output of RFC_READ_TABLE to the ZRFC_READ_TABLE (dummy) function module. Sample code is shown below.

This ZRFC_READ_TABLE_EOFM function should be called with DESTINATION as the TCP/IP RFC destination created for registering the program ID in SM59 transaction.

DO NOT forget to execute ‘COMMIT WORK’ after executing the RFC !!!!!!!!

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    • I am following ur blog so Have some doubts regarding the triggering rfc asynchronously,
      Can u pls giv ur emil id so that i can do the same


  • Hi swaroopa,
    I am planning to start one scenario like RFC-xi-Soap.In this regard i have gone through your blog each and everything.Here am not clear about that  what information ur going to send to the XI and what ur going to get.
    Apart from that ,am expecting from your side is that how can i desing and configuarate the objects in the IB for this scenario,in order to do.Pleae give me a clear picture on RFC-XI as per ur scenario.I wanna do this scenario .
    Please help me.
  • hi ,
    thanks for ur valuble contribution.
    i have some dbts regarding idoc at receiver side,rfc at both sides synchronus format .
    if u have any material or link plz provide in this forum.

    thanks & regards.

  • Hello,
    I have problems with the information that comes to PI, since it he comes in form corructa.

    tengo problemas con la informacion que me llega a PI, ya que llega en forma corructa,