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Now you can find overview information, How-To’s, tutorials and other valueable material regarding CAF topics here in the SDN:

“CAF Knowledge Center”

This page will be updated regularly – we are creating, checking and categorizing new material to upload and publish it on this page. So it’s worth while to stay tuned

What is CAF?

CAF offers a wide variety of tools, services, processes, patterns and more valueable instruments for effective creation and maintenance of composite applications. Meanwhile the CAF is already successfully used by a whole string of applications like xPD, xIEP, xCQM, Mendocino to name some products. Moreover there are some partners and ISVs who work with CAF.

CAF Sandbox:

We were often asked if it’s possible to check CAF and it is: you can install the NetWeaver SP11 Sneak Preview. The Composite Application Framework with the components CAF Core and Guided Procedure is part of this Sneak Preview.

You can find this download package in the SDN Download Catalog typed as ‘SAP Evaluation Software’ and the name of the package is ‘Sneak Preview SAP NetWeaver 04 – Enterprise Portal’, release ‘EP 6.0 SP11’ by June 14, 2005.

Release information:

With NetWeaver04 SP13, the Composite Application Framework was upgraded to CAF 2.0. CAF 2.0 is an Add-On that is based on NetWeaver04. The first support package of CAF 2.0 is named as SP13 – not as SP1 – because it is based on NW04, SP13.

CAF 7.0 is PART of NetWeaver04s and all delivery dates of NW04s are true for CAF 7.0, too.

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  1. Srinivas Adavi
    I am slightly confused about the licensing terms of CAF and guided procedures. Do we need to get a seperate license key for using CAF/guided procedures? I know that it is part of the sneak preview for use, but if we are customer of SAP and currently on Netweaver platform, can we use guided procedures or do we need another license key for that?

    Is guided procedures part of CAF and can I not use it independent of CAF?

    Please clarify.


    1. Thomas Kuelz
      Hi Srinivas,

      here some infos to resolve your confusion ;-).
      The CAF (Composite Application Framework) consists of different parts. Mainly the Process layer which is named Guided Procedure (GP) and the Service layer. That means that GP is a part of CAF but the tools from GP can be used independently from the other tools.
      You do not need a separate licence for using the tools. But you have to be on a NetWeaver Version where CAF is included. And CAF will be the first time available with NetWeaver 2004S. There is no CAF Version in unrestricted shipment for NetWeaver 04. Maybe you have heard from a NetWeaver 04 Version. This version exists but is not in unrestricted shipment and only available for SAP internal projects and some Pilots.

      Hope this info helps.
      Best regards

      1. Srinivas Adavi
        Thank You Thomas. That is exactly what I am looking for. Now my next question is, if we want to use guided procedures in the life and work events of ESS, and if we are not currently planning to upgrade to 2004s, is it possible?

        Can we qualify for ramp-up in that case?

  2. Former Member
    Hi Jan,

    You wrote that Guided Procedures is a part of the Sneak Preview. But as I see Guided Procedures build archives are not included in the Sneak.

    Why them were not included or can be found in another location ?


  3. Former Member
    Hi Jan,
    Could you please tell me if a new SAP Consultant Certification for xApps developers based on CAF/GP/VC (or similar) is going to be created in a near future?

    Thanks a lot,

    1. Jan Rauscher Post author
      I don’t know a certification of xApps developers/consultants and I don’t think that SAP has plans to change this. I only know a certification of an xApp.
  4. Former Member
    Hallo Jan,
    where can i find the “knowledge center” for guided procedures. Is it part of CAF or part of portal or will GP get an own knowledge center in the future?

    Best regards


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