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Is there a room for Spanish speakers on SDN? I think not…SDN is made in English and it has to be keep on English…

Still, in this SAP world, there are a lot of Spanish speakers who can access the wonders of the SDN just because they dind’t speak English…

How many countries speaks Spanish???

  • Peru
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Venezuela
  • España
  • Ecuador
  • Chile
  • Bolivia
  • Mexico
  • Cuba
  • El Salvador
  • Republica Dominicana
  • Uruguay
  • Paraguay
  • Puerto Rico
  • Panama
  • Guatemala
  • Argentina Thanx Ignacio

I think that’s a lot of countries…

Don’t misunderstood me…I don’t want an Spanish SDN…What I’m asking for, it’s maybe one ABAP Forum and Blogger Area…
People can look at blogs and say…This is just what I need…But I can’t read it…I don’t know English… Trust me…That’s a common problem…I’m the main moderator and also the top contributor of an Spanish based ABAP Forum…Everyday, a lot of questions are post and a lot of answers are give away…Some great codes are shared…But as the author don’t know English, they can’t share them on SDN…Of course, you can say…“Hey, why don’t you help them?”…Easy…I got a lot of work to do at my job…Also, English is not my mother language, so I got some hard time posting my own blogs or answering post in the forums…

Take this as it is…A request for helping the SDN getting bigger…More people involved, more contributions, more contents…

If you are an Spanish speaker member of the SDN, please join me on this crusade…

Stop making comments on this blog, there’s an entry in the “suggestions forums”: SDN Community in another countries

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  1. Former Member
    Don’t forget Argentina like a spanish speakers country!
    I propose a double language input, I could upload my blogs and forums post in english and spanish.
    1. Alvaro Tejada Galindo Post author
      Hi Ignacio:

      -:'( Sorry…How could I forget that…My aunt is from Argentina -:P …Now it’s fixed -:D

      Sure, double input would be great!!! That way either English and Spanish users can enjoy the knowledge -:D But it should be on different places right??? I don’t think that double size blogs do any good -:)



  2. Craig Cmehil
    Funny – we have a suggestion forum so why am I posting this to a blog? Guess Blag you forget the suggestion forum huh?

    Now you may have noticed we do have some content made available in other languages but our forums, blogs, wiki, etc are still all in English now one reason (one of the smaller ones) is the contribution system here. How on earth would we track and prevent people from simply copying and pasting from Enlgish to another language and receiving credit for it? With prizes such as a free pass to TechEd up for grabs that just sounds like a nitghmare waiting to happen.

    We are all for other languages and we are moving in that direction but we have to take even those little issues into account before doing so.

    Craig Cmehil

    1. Alvaro Tejada Galindo Post author

      Of course I’m aware of the suggestion forum…I have posted some things there…

      Talking about copying and pasting…That’s not a different language issue…Right now in the forums, that is happens often than you may think…Gladly, moderators are watching and solving that kind of problems.

      If SDN take this as a good suggestion, it could be take as “Beta”…Keeping it small would make it easier to track it down…As I said…It can be just an small “General ABAP” spanish forum…One SAP moderator could keep things in order.

      If the SDN Team, thing that this is a bad idea…It’s Ok…I don’t want to give them double work…I was just trying to express the way a lot of Spanish speakers feel.



      1. Craig Cmehil
        Are you going to be that moderator? Who says we have one? Again this needs to be kept to the forum, for the main reason – most of your Spanish readers don’t come to the blogs (we have stats) they go to the forums – would it help, of course but in another comment you said it’s not based on languages but on how many countries speak that language (add the populations and tell me if you come close to the population of how many people speak Hindi in the world or Arabic) you can’t simply plop it down like that.

        It also goes into the problem as you mention (happens often in the forums) with over 3000 posts a day do you really think we catch them all? Now add multiple languages where if we are lucky we have one moderator who is helping out while doing their day job. There are 4 full time moderators for SDN/BPX and about 150 part time moderators and another 150 part part time moderators.

        There is too much activity to catch it all, throw our complicated points system, Wiki, Blogs, forums, podcasts, video blogs and general content all into the mix and who knows what comes but it doesn’t look pretty.

        Now as I said SDN/BPX is going international and you can find it in the menu above but there is no plan (and if you see this identical request in the suggestion forum – did I mention that’s where this belongs) at the moment on what languages, how many languages or when those languages will appear.

        It boils down to intellectual property, and I can tell you there are many people on here who would not be happy to see something they did translated and posted under someone else’ name in a different language without any knowledge of it – plain and simple and for that you need lots of resources to monitor to maintain the integrity of the whole – we work hard to do that already and we’ve had cases in the past where someone posted here having copied it from somewhere else and did not give credit – we of course gave them credit, rewarded them and even featured it thus promoting it and then receiving an official email stating that we were publishing copyright material without the author’s consent. Now that of course was a big deal but think of how you would feel to have all your blogs rewritten in another language and posted and you didn’t know a thing about it? Be careful – that’s a trick question so I would not answer – JUST think about it.

        We all believe in community and sharing but we also take pride in the work we do and feel good when someone sends a mail that says Thank you! or hey that blog or that article really got me out of jam – it’s not something most of us want to lose nor should we have to, there’s logic and a lot of thought put into the idea of an English only environment – this is an environment where you come to help each other and if you look around you find a lot of these where the users end of using   the default language of English especially in the world of SAP (when was the last time you got documentation in German?) In my previous life my co workers often complained because the docs shipped with the CD’s was all in English and when they went to trainings the training material was all English even though the course was done in German (while I’ve been living in Germany by the way) you can’t make everyone happy – we try though and so we track the messages in the Suggestion forum for just that reason that’s where the entire SDN team watches to see what the community is asking for or sharing so I will ask again please move this to that forum – find the thread already started and add on – otherwise how do we track all of this?

        So far no one has said it will never happen but there are problems associated with it which is why it’s been a slow process so far. (and it’s not “bad”)

            1. Former Member
              don’t be that straight Craig.

              I think this matter is well worth a blog (or a more prominent place than in some ‘insider forum’)and is worth a discussion if this is useful or not and if yes how it could be achieved.

              I guess we all want to have our spanish speaking friends aboard and as far as I am concerned I think we got to convince them to embark on that idea of international collaboration and sharing knowledge on a common subject of interest in an effective way.

              This works in science and is fun, why shouldn’t it work in our setup?


              1. Craig Cmehil
                Anton, for us the most prominent place is that forum it’s almost like our “feature request” system and it’s a “discussion” forum – it’s where we request suggestions be placed, if everyone begins to use blogs for this purpose we have no easy way to track a suggestion or what everyone thinks of it.

                No one is saying to stop the conversation just asking it be moved to the area best suited for it and that’s not here for these types of things, if it  was we wouldn’t go to the trouble of have a “suggestion” forum.

                So please help us out and move the conversation over there.

                1. Craig Cmehil
                  Please note: I can’t force you to move the conversation anymore than I can force you to use the blogs for blogging about interesting topics and not just your random thoughts or complaints about things like IW26.

                  We love conversation and discussion about the blogs so asking you to move this over is hard but at the same time we are trying to keep some remote order to things in the way that everyone has to come to expect of SDN blogging and forums.

  3. David Halitsky
    There might be room for tweeters because they’re fairly small.  But woofers take up a lot of space.

    Seriously – I’m with you in spirit but I see a lot of pragmatic problems.  History, like life, is unfair.

    1. Alvaro Tejada Galindo Post author
      Hi David:

      Thanx a lot for you comment! -:D I respect you so much…Even when I not agree with some of your weblog themes -:)

      If I understand what you mean (I hope)…Your saying that the SDN demands a lot of work as it is…And having an Spanish Area, no matter what small…Should become a bigger problem at the end…right???

      Well…If you put it that that way…Then your right…Maybe is haven’t get a deep thought about it…Still…It’s a nice dream that I want someday to become real…Giving a chance to Spanish speakers to be a real part of the community would be great…As long as it doesn’t mess up what have been accomplished so far.



      1. David Halitsky
        So SAP/SDN agrees to shell-out for a Spanish subsite.

        Then what about Tagalog? Hindi?

        One possibility would be to ask the marketing chief(s) for Central and South America whether they thought they could sell more SAP if there was a Spanish-language SDN.  If they thought so, then maybe they could be convinced to put money from their budgets to pay for more bandwidth/storage for SDN.

        But what did Khruschev say many years ago?  “When shrimps whistle?”  Something like that …

        1. Alvaro Tejada Galindo Post author
          Tagalog? Hindi? The thing here, is not how many people speaks a particular language…It is how many countries speaks that language -;)

          bandwidth/storage for SDN…I don’t thing that’s a problem…Because what happens is all the people who doesn’t speak English…Get a magic wand and learn it…Then, they are all going to move to the SDN…Are they going to be censored just because they are a lot of people?

          Sorry…But I don’t know Khruschev..So I can’t finish the phrase -:)



  4. Former Member

    as much as I appreciate your motivation, I disagree with this initiative.

    IMHO this would lead to dissemination of the community as well as contents, redundancies and what else there is.

    Actually, my native language isn’t english either, but I think, as in a lot of global communities we have to agree on on (ANY) language.

    Ask me to learn Esperanto for the good of it and I’ll do. But don’t go into multiple languages. Consider the french, they’re just waiting for something.

    There isn’t even a German branch or an initiative although SAP comes from Germany. And thats good. Let’s stick to one language.

    my 2 cents,

    1. Alvaro Tejada Galindo Post author
      Hi Anton:

      Thanks for appreciate my motivation -:) But thanks more for disagree with it -;) I’m not looking for approval, I’m looking for collaboration and your comments are something that I take very seriously…

      I don’t expect and of course I don’t want to have multiple blog posts (Talking the same in different languages), or anything else that could be repeated…

      If SDNers think that this was a bad idea -:) Then I would close the chapter and not mess with thing again -;)



  5. Former Member
    hi Blag & Craig,
    As a user & contributor of SDN, i happen to come across this thread in different language I used google language tools to translate it roughly to english and answered it and again translated back to the native language. I got 6 points too!! When it comes to technology, Language becomes secondary ๐Ÿ™‚

    Probably people could make use of this facility.



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