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Well, the bad news is that in this Forum thread here: Screen fields without parameter id’s in IW26 pseudo-selection screen Rich Heilman confirmed my suspicion that you can’t call IW26 with all of its initial screen-fields pre-loaded with values. Yes, some of the screen-fields have parameter ID’s, as noted in the Forum thread referenced above. And you can pre-load these by setting them before you call IW26. But other screen-fields don’t, again as noted in the Forum thread reference above. And furthermore, since IW26 uses a “pseudo-selection” screen composed of several actual screens, you can’t get around the problem by doing a “submit program” with an appropriate with clause that presets selection screen parameters and options. Cause there ain’t no selection screen. OK – so suppose a customer is really anxious to go to Enterprise SOA where it will use WDA to create a simplified front-end for IW26 and then call the guts of IW26 as a service. Suppose, moreover, that this is really important for complete and enthusiastic acceptance of SAP on the shop-floor (because guys on the shop-floor are so annoyed at how long it takes them to select inout values in IW26 that they rarely if ever can be convinced to use it.) Then how can this customer call the guts of IW26 from a simplified WDA front-end if: a) not every screen-field in IW26 has a parameter id; and b) IW26 doesn’t use a standard selection screen with select-options and parameters? So – here’s the trade-off I want to suggest to SAP. You guys give us an OSS note with all the missing parameter ID’s assigned to the IW26 screen fields (I’ll give you a list) and I promise that as soon as we have NW2004s in production in February, I’ll do the best I can to convince the client to let me write a WDA front-end for IW26 as its very first production WDA program. In the meantime, of course, I can still write a regular old ABAP/ABAP OO progam to provide the same simplified front-end to IW26 – once you guys come up with the OSS note. Anyway, I’m glad I’m not the one that has to worry about how many WDA programs can’t be written to call various transactions as services because of all the transactions that don’t use standard selection-screens but do have missing parameter id’s …

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  1. David Halitsky Post author
    Following a suggestion by Durairaj Athava down in the ABAP General Forum, I am currently cross-walking BAPI_SERVICENOTIFICAT_CREATE against the simplified front-end screen that the customer wants for transaction IW26.

    If the BAPI is complete enough, then we can call this BAPI from our simplified front-end without having to worry about the missing parameter ID’s in transaction IW26.

    But suppose BAPI_SERVICENOTIFICAT_CREATE is not complete enough – that it’s missing some fields the customer wants to enter.

    Then we’re back to the issue of how to call IW26 itself.

    And this is why I still think it would be a good idea for SAP to try to update its missing parameter ids in important transactions that don’t have true selection screens.


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