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Doctors and lawyers all understand that as members of their professions, they are obligated to do what is called pro bono work, and most of them consider doing such work a privilege and not an obligation. For doctors and lawyers, pro bono work usually involves providing some hours of their time free of charge to a medical or legal clinic. Certainly, any of the SAP SDN Expert Forums are “clinics” of exactly this type, and the experts who answer questions in these Forums are doing the same kind of pro bono work as doctors and lawyers. And any of the bloggers here who try to explain really complicated things to us lesser mortals are doing the same thing. And even dummies like me do their part by trying to urge the IT profession out of the many smug, complacent, and self-serving attitudes that characterize it today. So, although SAP clearly benefits from all this pro bono work, it must also cost them a pretty penny. And I’d therefore first like to thank SAP for providing a place where we all can discharge our pro bono obligations to the IT profession in our own way. But on the other hand, I think that we all could do a lot more. Because what is really needed is an “SAP Anonymous” with its own 12-step program for breaking bad IT habits; And not just bad programming habits either. Bad project management habits, bad project conceptualization habits, bad project staffing habits, bad marketing habits, etc. So I personally would love to see more SDN’ers make a “New Year’s Resolution” to begin at least some of their posts in 2007 with the simple statement: “Hi. My name is X. My worst IT habit is Y, and I hope you can help me shake it.”

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  1. Former Member
    Hi. My name is Zal. My worst IT habit is thinking I know how the business could be run better than the folks who are doing the actual work, and I hope you can help me shake it!
    1. David Halitsky Post author
      But consider the following.

      Your comment implies that you don’t think much of the folks “running the business” and “doing the actual work”, presumably because they’re not bright enough to see what needs to be changed and/or courageous enough to change it

      Then what about software projects that fail to the tune of millions or even billions?

      Who’s running them and doing the actual work on them?

      Anyway, please don’t consider the above questions any criticism of you personally.  I’m still LOL at your very funny response.

  2. Former Member
    David – in complete honesty here, this is my worse habit – a hang-on from the 10+ years I spent on the “other side of IT” as a Business Re-engineering Specialist.

    The folks who do the day-to-day work are the ones who pay for what I do now!

    1. David Halitsky Post author
      Either way, our banter here has given me a great topic for my next blog post.  It will be entitled: “We know that man proposes and God disposes, but what about business and IT?”

      So thanks for making me think about the tension between business and IT in an entirely new light.

      Best regards

      1. Former Member
        No thanks needed, David.  Actually you are the one that has given me something new to think about and, hence, my posting! 

        I am brand new to SAP B1 and the consulting role (both Nov 2006).  Your posting is the first I ran across; it made me stop and mull over what I will be doing in these new rolls (seems appropriate).  It also gave me a good chance to think about things I had been doing in the past which really might need to be done differently.

        Current case in point: am working hand-in-hand with a customer who has not been processing payments/invoices correctly due to the very nature of their business.  After reading your post and a bit of self-reflection, I decide instead of going to them and saying THIS is the way to do to set thing straight, I came up with three different scenarios/paths to accomplish the same thing and will ask them “Which way do you think is the best fit for the way you do your business?” 

        A bit more customer-friendly approach?

        take care…Zal


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