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Task : The Purpose of this blog is for developing a webdynpro page Application.This application page is divided in to 3 areas (Left area, Right area, Bottom area) Each area will display different Url contents. A Page in this application is much similar to a Page in Enterprise Portals. We can access different Ulrs in a single web browser. Features: 1. Access different sites in a single web browser. 2. Efficient usage of web browsers. 3. Reduce Complexity. Prerequisites: Systems, Installed Applications, and Authorizations: 1. The SAP Net Weaver Developer Studio is installed in the computer. 2. SAP J2EE Engine is in running state. Initial Project Structure: Web DynPro Project: Page Web Dynpro Application: Page_App [The Application Page_App Displays the Interface View of the web Dynpro Component in the browser window] Web Dynpro component: PageComp [This is the Web Dynpro which contains entire Application] View : PageView [Which Provides UI, This is the area where user Interact with the Application] Window: PageWin Developing Application – Steps: 1. Set the Layout Property of Root UI element Container as Grid Layout. 2. Set the Column count as 2. 3. Create 3 Iframe UI elements for the PageView. 4. Name each as ifr_LeftArea, ifr_RightArea, and ifr_BottomArea. 5. Set the Width area Property of ifr_LeftArea as 600. 6. Set the Width area Property of ifr_RightArea as 600. 7. Set the Width area Property of ifr_BottomArea as 1000. 8. Create three Context attributes (ctx_Left, ctx_Right, ctx_Bottom) with the type of String. 9. DataBinding: Bind the context with Iframe UI Elements as follows: ifr_LeftArea –> ctx_Left ifr_RightArea –> ctx_Right ifr_BottomArea –> ctx_Bottom 10. Add the Following code in doInit() method of PageView.  wdContext.currentContextElement().setctx_LeftArea(““); wdContext.currentContextElement().setctx_RightArea(““); wdContext.currentContextElement().setBottomArea(“;  11. Build, Deploy ,Run the Application. 12. U can see 3 different sites in the same web browser.
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  1. Valery Silaev
    can’t resist:

    …and if you need full-featured Page functionality for WD projects (left side-bar with customizable number of blocks + content area) check Page UI Pattern from CAF framework




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