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Widgets can be very useful in availability and performance monitoring of SAP Web Applications.  imageFigure 1: Widget Screenshot  This Widget will remain in your desktop and will Monitor your SAP web application status. You can also view a history graph of your SAP web applicaton’s performance (Response time).  Download the SiteMon Widget and provide the details of your SAP Web application as shown below in the Widget preferences:  imageFigure 2: preference settings for the widget Title : display textURL: URL of SAP Web ApplicationRegExp: regular expression for matching text content of the SAP Web Application.Update frequency: Refresh Rate Graph Scale: Scale of the GraphPlay sound when red: check this to fire an Alarm sound when the SAP application is down.  This Widget can help your IT Operations/Application Support department to ensure high uptime for their SAP business applications.
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  1. Our need would be for a widget that could log on to the Portal as a test user, execute a Web Dynpro app (that is fill in some fields and submit) and exit. That would enable a true test of an application and all of it’s components (LDAP, Web Dispatcher, Portal, Web Dynpro, backend systems (R/3, CRM etc).


    1. Former Member

      There are applications out there that would do that.

      However, there are some consequences with monitorigng a specific application. Basically, you would be putting artificial load onto it.

    2. Former Member

      I wrote such a program in Java. It’s propose is to be integrated in our system Management. So there is no gui but deep check with logon into EP6.0. Return code 0 means available.
      If you interested send me a note.

  2. Former Member
    Widgets have a lot of application in the enterprise, including for IT internal use.  Monitoring system status is a great use case, and this is a very helpful example.  Great job!
  3. Former Member

    the NW04/NW04S dispatcher distributes incoming requests accross all server nodes – can you think of a way to check if the individual server nodes are responding? 

  4. Former Member
    Hi Tharun,

    Can you provide me the complete source code of Widget ( .kon & .js javascript file ). Actually I am trying to develope a simple widget which can integrate with SAP. Hence Javascript code of connecting to RFCs/ Webservices would be usefull. Your response would be very helpfull.

    Thanks & Regards,

  5. Former Member
    a real good thing would be to monitor the memory as this is the most critical detail in the JAVA environments (usage, Garbage collections, …).

    Is it possible to extend this widget to monitor also the memory ?

    Thanks a lot.


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