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I would like to present how we integrated IBM WBI and XI. We achieved runtimes better in 5-10 times than using sync-async bridge (about 3 seconds with the bridge and 0.5 seconds without one). 1. Please create the namespace in your Repository (Let’s call it com:WBI_XI) image 2. Add simple datatype “WBI_Data_DT” (it will be used in WBI call – the sender side and Proxy – the receiver side): image and add one field (of type string) named “Data”: image 3. Create Message Type WBI_Data_MT using the DataType: image 4. Create 2 Synchronous Outbound and Inbound Message Intefraces with the Message Type: image image 5. Activate your changes. Now we move to Configuration Directory to build our scenario: 6. Create your scenario: image image 7. Add WBI_Soap Business Service: image image 8. Add Soap Sender Communication channel: image image Adapter Type is Soap: image image 9. Switch it to Sender adapter and change: Default Inteface Namespace and Default Interface Name: image The rest should not be changed. 10. Please add your message interface to the bussiness service: image 11. We should build Sender Agreement with our communication channel: image image image Save the changes. 12. Create Receiver Determination, like the following: image The sender service is the same as in Sender Agreement: image Receiver Service: Your ECC Bussiness System Inbound Interface Name : WBI_Data_IB NameSpace: com:WBI_XI Receiver Agreement: Your Proxy Receiver Channel 13. Now we move to some ABAP Development to build a proxy class: Login to your ECC and call sproxy transaction: Go to your namespace–>Message Interface(inbound) and double click WBI_Data_IB interface to create a class. image Now we are going to implement the class: double click on the implementing class: image Activate the proxy class and write your code (here we are going to return what we got for demonstration purposes, of course here SAP business logic should be implemented. Double Click on the following: image And write your code: output = input. Save and activate your proxy class. 14. Now we need to generate WSDL so WBI can call our WebService, so we need to return to our XI Configuration. image Click “Continue”, Enter the following url: http://xidev:50000/XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet?channel=:WBI_Soap:WBI_Test_Soap_Sender please replace “xidev” by your XI host and 50000 by your Java port. Enter the following for the next 2 steps: image image And Click the “Finish” button. Save you WSDL and send it to WBI. 15. For invoking XI WebService from WBI please refer the following Weblog (please keep in mind that WBI needs to pass the password to XI encoded in Base64 string): Developing internationalized Web services with WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation V5.1
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  1. David Halitsky
    Could you append a simplified comment indicating what is the major conceptual difference between your approach and the bridge?  And why this yields the performance delta ?

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