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This weblog provides source code for creating value help enabled input fields and select-option ranges. The value help is automatically determined based on the data type passed to it unless a custom value help table is passed. The value help supports all field types and even works for InfoObjects.

Screen Shots




Source Code


Rather than provide an exhausting set of screenshots and source code to sort through, I have created a couple of SAPLink nuggets for installing the extension. Everything you will need is available on my Google Code repository. If at this point you are wondering what I’m talking about, you should start by reading about and installing SAPLink.

The source code is split into three nuggets. Here is the breakdown of what each contains.

+    DDic Types+


            • +


+                • ZHELPTABCOMPONENT

                • ZHELPTABCONTROL

            • <b>Table Types </b>


                • ZHELPTABCONTROLTAB

+    Core objects of value help extension +


            • <b>Classes</b>

                • ZCL_PTY_VALUE_HELP


                • ZCL_ZPTY_BSPEX_F4INPUT


                • ZCL_ZPTY_BSPEX_F4RANGE


+BSP Applications +

                • ZPTY_VALUEHELP


+BSP Extensions +

                • zpty_bspEx

+    Example BSP using value help extension +


            • BSP Applications

The automatic value help method GET_HELPVALUES_AUTO is based on the wonderful weblog by Thomas Jung : BSP Value Input Help Popups Version 3.0

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    1. The parameter customHelpValues is looking for an internal table. If you want to do it based on a database table, you should probably create a custom search help in se11 that points to your database table, then assign it as search help for a custom ddic data element you create. Once you have done that, just pass a variable of the new ddic type you have created and it will read the search help automatically.

      Hope that helps.


  1. Former Member
    Hi Phil,

    do you know a way to get your F4-Help working in stateful BSPs. In stateless mode it’s working fine. But in stateful mode there is no reaction in the genereted help window. The help window appears, but after clicking on a line – nothing happens.

    Thanks again for your support


    1. Markus,

      Make sure that the “supports portal integration” checkbox on the properties page of the bsp application is checked. I have seen that error happen when it is not due to restrictions browsers place on what a popup window can do to its parent.

    2. Marcus Raath
      Hi Markus
      Did you ever work out why your pop does not respond to cliet events?
      I have a showmodal dialog, which is use to provide value help.
      However when the value is selected the associated javascript function does not get executed.

      Any ideas?
      Marcus Raath
      Cape Town

  2. Former Member
    Hi Phil,

    does SAPLink work with SAP R/3 4.7 (WebAS 6.20)? Currently I’m developing BSP apps on R/3 4.7 and have got a lot of shortdumps when trying to install your nuggets.

    Can you please advise?

    Many thanks

    1. Former Member
      Hi Phil,

      I have made a progress and could successfully install all nuggets from your code site. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      However the type UPC_YTO_CHASEL is not defined in R/3 4.7. Can anyone tell me the definition of UPC_YTO_CHASEL so I’ll be able to create its twin e.g. Z_UPC_YTO_CHASEL?

      Many thanks in advance.


      1. Former Member
        The more serious difficulty you are going to run into is that runtime type services works differently in 620 than it does in 640 and this solution relies heavily on RTTS. If you would like to get involved with backporting the solution, drop me a line on the google code page. (just post as an issue and leave your email address)
  3. Marcus Raath
    I get the value helps displaying, but no data is being presented.I have tried both using the search elp and the internal table variants.

    Is there a limit on the amount of data being displayed?



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