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SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP NetWeaver BI) is key to providing enterprise-wide reporting capabilities and enabling analytics. These reporting capabilities and analytics can be created using both SAP and non-SAP data that has been loaded into SAP NetWeaver BI. When creating these reports, it is important to remember that “garbage in equals garbage out”. Therefore it is of the utmost importance to ensure that the master data that you are loading into SAP NetWeaver BI is cleansed, de-duplicated and accurate. In order to ensure that you have cleansed, de-duplicated and accurate master data, it is vitally essential that you incorporate a master data strategy, and SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (SAP NetWeaver MDM) can do just that!

SAP NetWeaver MDM, as the name denotes, is a solution that is part of SAP NetWeaver. SAP NetWeaver MDM enables enterprises to de-duplicate, cleanse, harmonize and centrally create their master data, either from SAP or non-SAP sources. De-duplication of master data is crucial when it comes to reporting on information within an enterprise. For example, if you have duplicate customer master data for the same customer (i.e. John Smith, John H. Smith and J. H. Smith) and you are reporting on total products sold to that customer, you would actually be tripling your totals, thus leading to false reporting. Cleansing your master data is also important before reporting on it. If there is missing master data (customer email addresses, product groups, employee statistics, etc.), or “empty” fields in SAP NetWeaver BI, this could lead to inaccurate reporting, especially if you are grouping your reports based upon this master data…these records would be omitted from these groupings. Harmonizing your master data is the process of sending your de-duplicated and cleansed master data to their source systems to ensure accuracy. If this master data is sent to source systems based upon the reporting that was done in SAP NetWeaver BI prior to being de-duplicated and cleansed, you are feeding these source systems “bogus” master data. Additionally once the master data has been harmonized in the source systems, the future loads of data into SAP NetWeaver BI will be faster because now your data has been streamlined. The central creation of master data is essential for SAP NetWeaver BI. If there is a central group or location that creates master data centrally and this master data is shared throughout the enterprise, this would ensure that the master data loaded into SAP NetWeaver BI is accurate and viewed as “a single version of the truth”, thus making SAP NetWeaver BI more effective as a business analyst tool and decision support system.

As such, SAP delivers specific enhancements to meet customer needs for integrating SAP NetWeaver BI and SAP NetWeaver MDM. If you are interested in learning how SAP NetWeaver MDM can enhance the quality of your data within SAP NetWeaver BI, please contact Lori Vanourek, Manager, SAP NetWeaver Product Management.

Therefore SAP NetWeaver MDM is a must in any and all enterprises that want to provide their constituents, both internally and externally, with the most up to date and accurate master data, which then can be used to provide the most up to date and accurate overall data. For more information on the following, please select the appropriate links:

SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence
SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management

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