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Blog discusses the root cause of the error that is undocumented and shows a way to troubleshoot it for indulging the error.

I have got all the RFC destinations rights and all the configurations in the How to handle Cache are perfect but still I am getting an error in the SXI_CACHE as shown below.
Cache Error

I don’t like unreadable errors that I never understand so I started debugging the FMSAI_CACHE3_REFRESH_HTTP and found out that error is due to the authorization object S_RFC_ADM that is missing for my user. If you want to get a meaningful error at least try executing the function module RFC_READ_HTTP_DESTINATION giving INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI as the RFC destination that shows the appropriate error as given below.
Check RFC Destination
After assigning the S_RFC_ADM authorization object the stupid error insxi_cache vanished.
Assign S_RFC_ADM
Blogging it so that it can be useful to troubleshoot stupid errors like this.

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  1. Former Member

    Profile for role SAP_XI_IS_SERV_USER contains the authorization object S_RFC_ADM. You are not supposed to give your SAP userid for cache refresh destination (INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI). The logon data in INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI must contain the service user XIISUSER and not your SAP userid. This XIISUSER (XI service user) contains the role SAP_XI_IS_SERV_USER which holds the required authorization object S_RFC_ADM. SAP installation guide for XI too says that in  (Page:40).

    Best regards,
    Felix Jeyareuben

    1. Former Member Post author
      Felix,Thanks for the comments.But the RFC destination is having the user XIISUSER and also has the role S_RFC_ADM but still got the same error.
      It is resolved only when my user has been assigned the object.It has been the case only with my user id and when some other user is refreshing the cache in the sxi_cache.
      I checked it 10 times and am not sure how to validate your point.
      If it is only with XIISUSER then everyone of the XI team has to get but am only getting it and it has been resolved only when it is assigned to me.
      I guess I need a read authorization to read the RFC destination as the FM in cache reads the RFC destination.
      Hope this clears the conversation.Please mail to me for any further converstaions.
      1. Former Member Post author
        I meant It has been the case only with my user id and when some other user is refreshing the cache in the sxi_cache they are not getting this error.
        1. Former Member
          There might be some problem with your role. Try doing a mass-generation and mass-comparision again using pfcg for role SAP_XI_IS_SERV_USER. The reason why it is not a bug (according to me) is that your SAP user id is no-where linked in the process of XI cache refresh and uses only the service user – XIISUSER for cache refresh. But, if it is really a bug, its good to know. Thank you.
          1. Former Member Post author
            The function module SAI_CACHE_REFERESH_HTTP checks your authorization objects for reading the RFC destination Integration_directory_hmi. You can check that by debugging the FM.

            Sravya TASS


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