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Thanks to a lot of people on SDN I got introduced to the wonderful world of widgets. Since I’ve been working on xMII 11.5 for sometime, i thought it would be really cool if I could harness the power of the Data and Visualisation services of xMII in Yahoo widgets and i’ve been somewhat successful.

Before I start off, I would like to thank :

    • John Astill and Eric Wood & Team for the SAP TechEd Schedule Widget
    • Tarun Telang

for Widget Basics wonderful Weblog on Widget Basics

    1. David Kang, John Astill, Durairaj Athavan Raja, Dennis Moore, and a lot of other good people here on SDN.

I’ve re-used code as well as graphics from all the widgets floating aroung on SDN and duly modified them albeit with not so good results ๐Ÿ™

What I have done till now is just a Prototype and i still have a long way to go, but how about a heads up ?

I have reused the Display and Query Tempates, referred to in my blog How to pass data dynamically between pages in xMII 11.5 extensively in this process.

Introduction to xMII Data and Visualisation Services

The Results of any Query Template in xMII can be obtained in XML format by using the

The output will be this :

XML Output

Please note that here, I’ve modified the Query Template to limit the Rowcount to 10 rows.

Now I’ll use the

The GIF image that was rendered was somewhat like :

GIF Image

Utilizing this Know-How in a Widget

Use the following piece of code to fetch the Batch List, parse it and list the Batch IDs on the Widget.

The Values of xmiiUserName, xmiiUserPass and xmiiSystemName are obtained from the Widget Preferences :

Widget Preferences

After parsing and loading all the Batch IDs from the XML stream, the widget looks somewhat like this :

Widget Interface

Now on click of each BatchID, we’d like to show it’s trend beside it.

For this, the MouseDown event should be handled using the following function :

Now on clicking the Batch ID, the Batch Trend Chart is displayed beside it.

The whole widget :


Only the Batch Trend Graph :


Please note that all data that xMII provides is Real Time data and the displayed information changes as and when the data in the backend changes.

Where do we go from here

As I have already mentioned, this is merely a prototype and there are lots of improvement areas, but the groundwork been done, it’s left to us to use the power of Widgets to create an impact.

And i believe that the possibilities are limitless…

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