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Well, fear no more. Indeed, SAP SEM (part of mySAP ERP Financials) and SAP NetWeaver BI do have different release cycles. Therefore it is quite challenging to determine which releases of SEM and BI are compatible, as well as their respective maintenance information. Below is a complete matrix that details not only which releases are compatible, but also information regarding the maintenance of these business planning solutions. Keep in mind that SAP SEM is an add-On on top of SAP BW / SAP NetWeaver BI.


For more information regarding Business Planning within SAP, you may go to

SAP NetWeaver BI or Business Planning and Analytical Services, both on the SAP Service Marketplace.

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  1. Former Member
    Thanks. That was a nice blog.
    Could you also explain in brief the differences between BI-Planning and the planning component with SEM in terms of features available content etc. This will really help in making the choice between them.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Former Member Post author
      Thank you Anand.  First and foremost BI-Integrated Planning differs from SEM-BPS and BW-BPS because BI-Integrated Planning is web-based.  Additionally, future business planning enhancements will be done to BI-Integrated Planning so new features can be realized only with BI-Integrated Planning.  There is a full description and distinction between the two on the SAP Service Marketplace at > Product Information Previous Releases > SAP BW 3.5 > SAP BW Business Planning and Simulation > Further Information > Bus. Planning in SAP NetWeaver – transition BPS: SEM to BW.


  2. Former Member
    This really helps, thanks a lot.
    We are actually launching a project with a Netweaver 2004s new installation. I’ve read a lot about Buisness Planning and how it will “substitute” BPS eventually, yet my customer has specifically requested BPS, although I’m pretty sure they’re willing to consider Business Planning. It seems we should give integrated business planning a try !? Thanks in advance for your input with this issue.
    1. Former Member Post author
      While BPS (both SEM-BPS and BW-BPS) is still available, the business planning solution going forward is BI-Integrated Planning.  All features delivered with BW-BPS are available with BI-Integrated Planning.  Further more, all future  enhancements to business planning will occur in BI-Integrated Planning.  I encourage you and your customer to view the capabilities of BI-Integrated Planning…I’m sure they will be pleased with what’s available.
  3. Former Member
    Karen, does BI-Integrated Planning include the ability to report on project budgets, including estimates, actual costs, variances, and timelines?  Also, is it easy, through the web interface, to configure and produce these reports?  Thanks for all the great information.
    1. Former Member Post author
      You can report on anything that you are used to reporting on because you have the ability to leverage the capabilities of the BEx tools for BI-Integrated Planning.  Regarding the ability to configure and produce these reports, for BEx users it will be very intuitive to configure and produce reports.  For BPS web interface users, they will need some training to learn how to use the BEx tools.

      Thank you to Kathleen Beavers, SAP NetWeaver Product Manager for SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence for assistance with this response.


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