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ONE STOP SHOP!!! – For All Your LO Cockpit Needs Purpose of this blog is two fold: a. To introduce my new article on SDN and that is on Enhancement of LO DataSource b. And to collate all the good work available in LO Cockpit area on SDN. SUMMARY This article explains step by step procedure to enhance LO DataSource. It is explained by enhancing standard DataSource 0Customer_attr (Customer) by adding a couple of Z fields. Though it explains steps for master data DataSource enhancement same can be applied for transaction data DataSources as well. I coupled the process with screen shots to make it more users friendly. OVERVIEW Purpose of this exercise is to enhance LO DataSource, Customer_Attr one to be specific. I needed to add following field to Customer_Attr DataSource. One needs to start from recognizing the fields / components type and then look for the table from where data could be picked up to fill up these fields. image READ THE FULL ARTICLE – “Enhancing LO DataSource Step by Step” AT

AND NOW HERE IS BIG GYAN FROM GREAT GURUS Here are some of the great weblogs related to LO Cockpit by some of the greats like “Roberto”, “Pradip”, “Ajay” & “Sanyam” , I have put links to all of these as I think any one having even little interest or LO Cockpit in my article will benefit largely from these.


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  1. Former Member
    Unfortunately, 0CUSTOMER_ATTR is a master data extractor and is not a Logistics extractor handled by the LO cockpit, so the title of this paper is incorrect and should be changed.

    Logistics extractors cannot be enhanced through transaction RSA6 as illustrated in this paper.  In some cases it is still technically possible to append fields to the extract structure of LO extractors, but in other cases it is not possible.

    However, unless you are completely familiar with the method in which the Logistics extractors deliver before and after images, you should not attempt to enhance LO extractors except through the functionality provided by transaction LBWE, otherwise you may end up overstating data.

    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Bryan,

      Thanks for bringing it up and I completely agree with you.

      I understand there are various ways of enhancing LO extractors & is covered by one of the Roberto’s weblog (reference given by me) and what I tried to cover in my article is common between the master data and LO Extractor…i.e. enhancing by appending field.

      Thanks for bringing in more clarity.



  2. Former Member
    even if some criticism about this weblog is ok  ;^)  I reckon the basic idea isn’t bad. After all, enhancing the LO DataSources is not a plain process, and collecting some docs about this topic can be useful.
    Cheers, Davide
    1. Former Member
      If this is meant to be a reply on my comments please let me tell you that they didn’t deal with grammatical errors (I would agree with you on that) but with I reminder for what’s called netiquette.
      CAPSLOCKING and overusing of exclamation marks is commonly perceived as misbehavior aka shouting in an inappropriate way. Usually this is often seen at teenager forums.

      regards, anton

    2. Kamaljeet Kharbanda
      I do agree with you. Its tech forum, and we should concentrate more on tech details only.

      Your comment is more toward discouraging the spirit of blogger, you could have written something in an encouraging way. Sorry for my grammar also…i am bit weak in this part of writing.

      Good compilation…keep the good work going.


    3. Former Member
      critizize my comments, that’s your good right and I will use this opportunity to rethink my attitude.
      BUT don’t accuse me of picking on someone’s grammar capabilities, because that’s definitely not what I was talking about. Your comment is just polemic and I guess you know that.


      1. Kamaljeet Kharbanda
        Nothing personal, I am really poor at grammar:( and it was more to support Vikas (BI Blogger… as i am also an active BI Community member).

        Sometimes people use this kind of exclamations to show their enthusisam towards topic, and its bit natural. Though i do agree with you, but the way you expressed your comments was bit different than what one should have expressed in an etiquetted way.


    4. Former Member Post author
      Hi All,

      I am not running a campaign…neither do I want to each one of you to get involved in it like this.

      Anton raised a point & that was very well taken by me…

      Pankaj & Kamaljeet, thanks a lot for all your support, I really appreciate it.

      Please let us not take in any further.

      Thanks again for showing interest in my blog.




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