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Clearing a form after input. Normally there is no simple way to clear a form after a submit or any action has been sent from this form. A simple solution to this is to use a signal in and out to clear the form, the signal out is triggered by the submit or any other action, this in turn triggers the signal in and clears the form. image Find the model here. No First Select from Table. This trick works around the fact that if you use the select event in a table, it will always send the first row immediately when the table loads. In this case we use a data store and a guard condition to prevent the 1st row from being sent automatically. image Find the model here.
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  1. Robert Baggett
    I am attempting to use this example you have setup.  I downloaded the GML file and uploaded it to a new model.  However, when deploying the example and running it, I am unable to put the form into focus, that is, I am unable to input any data. 
    1. Jarrod Williams Post author

      Have you put the start point into the application? This should work. You can also test by placing the start point directly on the input of the form.

      1. Mauricio Ormachea
        I have gone through this Wiki and am still unable to clear a form.  I cannot simulatenously connect the start and the signal in to the input of the form. If anyone has a GML example or any tips, please post them.
        Thank you,
      2. A E
        Hi Jarrod,
        This does not seem to work. I created a similar model to implement the logic to clearing the fields,but when I execute the model, the form shows as disabled. While trying to debug it I found that it throws a javascript error ” local_EPCM is null or not an object” at he bottom left corner on the browser.
        We are on VC 7, SP 17 level 1.
        Do you know why this would be happening? What version are you on?
  2. R Srinivasan Iyer
    The workaround for preventing the first row from being sent does’nt work.Tell me if I’m setting it up wrongly.
    My model uses a popup to get all i/p for the query to be executed and on submit, the table view gets loaded and fires a select to a Chart control for which I have placed the guard condition as described by you.

    Am I missing something or doing something wrong.
    Can you help.
    Thankx and Regds

    1. I second that.  I am currently running with the same problem and rampaging through SDN and HELP for a solution.  In my case its a selection event from a chart
  3. A. Van de Camp
    Great blog entry! Thanks for that. I have an addition for the screenshots. The link with guard condition that reads the datastore should have a formula that checks if the value > 1 (first one selected adds entry 1 to the datastore.
  4. Dhruv Shah
    Thumbs up for Writing wonderful blog.

    I imported the gml file and is working well, but wht happens is when a RFC is attached with the Form and has submit event then the data is not going to RFC, instead it clears it.

    So what is the soultion now to prevent on this.

    I want to clear text fields after second form displayed when user press thanks button.


    Dhruv Shah

  5. Hi ,

    With signal out and signal in alone we can achive the clearing the form then what is the need of Start Point and Store Data ponit
    Please correct me if i am wrong


  6. Brad Gorlicki
    This solution worked for me until we upgraded to the latest enhancement and service pack for portal. I then found that I had to set a default value of 0 in the data store before it started working again.

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