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Introducing: Adaptive Business with Enterprise SOA

Going by the shape of things, the kind of learning ESOA Workshops with our customers provide, is nothing short of having a book written on. So, I decided, why not? Now, a good book is a book that an author oneself would consider worth buying. If it has to be worth buying, it has to be a book on Enterprise SOA, it has to cover all three aspects – Strategic, tactical and operational. If that were to be the case, it has to be co-authored. Umasankar Subramanian, along with myself are in the process of writing this book. Many customers for whom we have conducted ESOA Workshops for, are part of this initiative, challenging our thoughts at every turn. These include folks from all walks of life – those who decide, those who define, and those who design. And so, we decided to throw open our thoughts to the community. Below is a brief description on the various sections of the book. We would like to validate our thought process with the community. Please let us know what you think we are missing here. Your thoughts matter to us, and we would really appreciate the same. If you are reluctant in replying to this blog, send us a seperate mail on the subject that you believe, should be covered.

Section 1:

In this section, we plan to cover the contextual overview of SOA in terms of business, architecture & technology evolution. Different approaches that have led to the evolution of the same, the current shape and the future direction it seems to be taking. The context comes in terms of business value, its applicability to real-time scenarios in various businesses. Covered more from a strategic perpective, this section approaches the SOA from a strategic perpective, driven by real world context that drive enterprises today today. This section deals with strategy, with the intent of defining adaptive enterprise business with SOA to explore various governance decisions that plague organizations today & give sleepless nights to the CXOs. We will define the boundaries of debate that go a long way in creating the defining point for an SOA journey. Goes beyond the SAP world.

Section 2:

In this section, we will deal more with the thought shaping aspects that go behind the strategic decision making process, in terms of academic debates that transform or shape the directions product companies will adopt in order to create a stable platform for bringing about adamptability. This section will focus on explaining the concepts that are forcing the evolution of SOA in terms. Lateral thinking is the key to redifining enterprise business in terms of strategic vision. This section will focus on the academic aspects that are the driving forces behind the shape SOA is taking for the future. The focus is with a “Tell-me-why” approach. Goes beyond the SAP world.

Section 3:

Application of the concepts that are discussed in detail from an academic perpective in section 2 would be aligned to real world business and direction that IT would have to take in order to create an adaptive enterprise with SOA. This section deals with the aspect where reality meets academics in order to shape the way future businesses would require IT to support innovative business processes. The focus is with a “Tell-me-how” approach. Goes beyong the SAP world.

Section 4:

This section will deal with aspects around the ways SOA initiatives can be monitized at various stages in order to check the pulse of an adaptive enterprise. Realizing the value is defined in walking the talk with Enterprise SOA. New business models, rapidly changes business processes that call for innovations, changing paradigms of outsourcing, strategies around application retiral are some of the topics that this section will revolve around. The focus is with a “Tell-me-now” approach. Goes beyond the SAP world.

Section 5:

ESOA Roadmaps are a long haul, and are more driven tactically than with a strategic intent inspite of the best intentions that enterprises start with. Innovative ideas and solutions that will drive the SOA journey to create a “fuel-check” mechanism is what this section will focus upon. The definitive guide on how-to start up right and staying on course.The focus is with a “Tell-me-when” approach, Goes beyond the SAP world, but focusses on SAP.

We hope you will support us in making us write a book that would be a useful one for folks who deal with strategy, tactics and operations.

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  1. Kartik,

    This is a wonderful idea. Since you have conducted more than 50 workshops across the globe for your customers, it will be a treasure for readers if the experiences are captured in this book. Leave it you and Uma on whether you would embed them in the Chapters 3-4 or if you would keep them in a separate chapter, but I would love to read them!



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