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In my previous Weblog Secured WebServices – I I’ve explained how to create secured webservices.In this weblog I would like to explain how we can consume the secured web service in WebDynpro.

1. Create a WebDynpro project.

2. Select Adaptive WebService importer from the Import Model wizard.

3. Provide the Model name and package information and press “Next”

4. In the Logical Destinations page you need to give names for the two destinations. One is for Metadata and the other one is for execution.


5. Select the WebService from the list and select the Web Service

In the new Adaptive Web Service Mode there is one new step which is configuring the Destinations in the visual administrator

This configuration of the destinations will avoid hard coding the username and password information in the Web Dynpro code

This can be done as follows.

  • Start VisualAdministrator ->Services->WebServices Security.
  • Select Security Configuration->WebService Clients->>DynamicWSProxies . Under this you need to maintain/create the two logical destinations
  • Please find the sample screenshot below. You should enter the WSDL URL and set the Authentication to BASIC and provide the username and password


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  1. Former Member
    I found your blog extremely helpful, but i have a query. My visual administrator is on the server, can i make use of it from my system which uses the same server as the J2EE engine? if yes, then how?
    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Gita,

      Thanks for you comments.
      If you have local installation then you can open local visualAdministrator by opening go.bat file

      Here instead of connecting to localhost you can choose “new” and then give the system details to which you want to connect.

      I hope this answered your question.

      Best Regards, Anilkumar

      1. Former Member
        You just need to make sure you have the same version of AS Java on your local desktop and the remote server. So, if your remote server is on AS Java 640 SP12, it is best that you use VA with AS Java 640 SP12 on the desktop. If you don’t have the same version, odd things can happen!

        An alternative is to copy the admin folder from the remote server to your desktop. If you do this, make sure it is copied to a different folder name than you have on the desktop.


        1. Former Member Post author
          Yes. As suggested by Michael  its better to have same versions of WAS when your are trying to connect to differnt WAS.
          Still…when you try to connect to WAS which is higher version than your local version, it will prompt you saying that “some features may not be available” (something like this).

          Regards, ANilkumar

      2. Former Member
        Thanks for the help anil. But the problem which I’am facing is, while connecting to the server, it asks for a password, for which the default username is administrator. I’am unable to understand which password it requires. Could you please help me through this?

        Thank you.

  2. Former Member
    Hi Anil,

    Your blog was very informative. I am new SDN.
    I have created two logical destinations under Dynamic Proxies, but my doubt how do i consume this web service in my web dynpro application. If you could assist me with sample code?


    1. Former Member
      Hi Anilkumar,

      I have the same question like Saro. I’d like to integrate a Non-SAP-WS (no WSIL!) in my web dynpro application. I have configured a logical destination in Visual Admin. How can I call this logical destination in my web dynpro application?

      Kind Regards


      1. Former Member Post author
        Hi Saro and Aline,

        Basically you need use webservice model importer in webdynpro and you need to provide the WSDL URL to the model importer.

        If you have the WSDL file on your local system, then you can just point the model importer tothe local system so that it will generate all the model classes for you.

        Hope this answers your question.Let me know.

        Thanks, Anil


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