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The Art of Evangelism running note of Guy Kawasaki’s talk at the SDN Forum / GNoTE conference last week.

Sidenote: I have a problem with the “Art of …” yes love the Zen and the Art of Motorcycle, but that was 30 years ago wasn’t it? But Guy isn’t the one who selected that. 

He is using top 10 way to present, so you know how far in his presentation he is:  

1. Put a great product out. “You can’t evangelize crap”

2. Have a Mantra

Needs three or 4 words why you exist.

He hates mission statements (I agree). Go to Dilbert Mission Statement Generator if you are looking for a mission statement. 

3. Roll the DICEE 

What are the quality needs of your product? The letters stand for:

d: Deep

i: Intelligence: Flashlight that takes all kinds of batteries. 

c: Complete

e: Elegance iPod nano

e: Emotive: Harley Davidson. My assessment of that brand is that it’s star is falling. Too many weekend want to be Hells Angels, it just gets tired.  

4. Find your nitch 

Ability to provide unique product or service mixed with value to customer 

You should wake up and think: “How can I make something that only we can make and no one else.”

Example: Fandango

5. Let a hundred flowers blossom  

Aldus Page Maker saved Apple Computer, that was not planned. When the Macintosh came out the applications that were in demand: Lotus 123, Wordperfect and dBase, non of them were running on Mac. 

Go to the people that are buying and do more of the things they like.

6. Make it personal  (highly, highly personal)

7. Find the true influencer, they are often not the C-level people in an organization. I used to be that person for our SAP Community Network, but I think nowadays it is Craig 🙂

8. Enable test drives

That is a problem we have with the size of our solutions no easy download and play.

9. Look for agnostics, not atheists. People that have a strong opinion already are very hard to get on your side.

10. Missed that one 🙂  

11. Don’t let the bozos grind you down

The dangerous bozo is the smart successful one. His criticism you tend to give more weight even though he may be wrong.   

Biggest barrier is people see great products only through the lens of what they already know.

If you want a copy of the presentation send an email to:

Check out his blog:

I was on the Evangelist in You panel which was a very interesting experience and needs a separate post. I hope the webcast recording will be out soon.

I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. David Halitsky
    … it’s a surprisingly little-known fact that Bill’s Mom had some heavy-hitting friends on IBM’s BofD and that this MIGHT have had just a LITTLE to do with MS-DOS being selected for IBM’s first try at a working PC …

    1. Community User

      Come one now let’s not spread rumors – although there is a funny one about a company moving from AS400 to the Windows NT platform and after move there 20 or servers to well over 2500 NT servers they went back – guess MS didn’t have as powerful a server as they thought – BUT IT’S JUST A RUMOR. Funny if true 😉

      1. David Halitsky
        … it’s a surprisingly little-known URBAN LEGEND that Bill’s Mom had some heavy-hitting friends on IBM’s BofD and that this MIGHT have had just a LITTLE to do with MS-DOS being selected for IBM’s first try at a working PC …
  2. Nigel James
    Isn’t B1 simple enough to test drive? Why can’t I test drive that? The ECC and Java platform downloads are great but I see no reason for why we can’t test drive those solutions. Especially if there are all these new customers coming SAP’s way.




    1. Mark Finnern Post author
      Hi Nigel,
      You are so right. We should be able to down load Business One and Test-Drive. We will come back to you about that one.
      Thanks for the hint, Mark.

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