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A popular requirement these days is to have some sort of


In the last and final step of this customization, just below the setFocusToFirstField() JavaScript function add a new function which you have called on click of the checkbox above.

function AcceptDecline()
if (document.logonForm.accept.checked == true)     
document.logonForm.uidPasswordLogon.disabled = false;   
document.logonForm.uidPasswordLogon.disabled = true;

With this in place, whenever a user types his/her user id and password and clicks on the checkbox, the Log On Button will be enabled to go ahead. If he/she de selects it the Log On Button will be disabled. In any scenario where the Authentication fails due to wrong User Id or Password submitted, the page anyway re loads and so the Log On Button is disabled again.

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      1. Former Member
        But if there were lots of different iViews on the different home pages…

        I still think the best way to do this is through role assignments – they are our security mechanism in the portal and we should use them..


  1. Former Member
    We have a requirement where in the user needs to sign a declaration when he logs on for the first time. After that this should not come. Will this satisfy such a requirement.
      1. Former Member Post author
        oops sorry i didnt get it quite right.
        since this is a part of the login screen, you would always get it.
        If you’d like something like that your disclaimer should be post login. Id he doesnt accept the terms it would log him off. It would be more complex.
  2. Former Member
    Hi Prem,

    I have a requirement to call the url of an iview from login jsp file.
    I need to know at what point after the logon button is hit can i make this call.

    This post is the only one which provides info in the direction I am looking for.
    Or is there a way we can display a page at navigation level 3 before user gets to see any of his roles.



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