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During my tenure so far as an ABAP developer, I have learnt – sometimes by doing mistakes in SAP – a few tips and tricks that I never found in any learning material. Particularly I like SAPscripts. There are many small tricks that are not given everywhwere. ****** Page Windows and the Text Elements ****** e.g. • If you require a complete list of all the Page Windows and the Text Elements used inside them in a SAPScript; follow the steps given below: 1. Activate the SAPScript debugger 2. Run the transaction and/ or issue the output that will trigger the concerned print program of that SAPScript. 3. Get into the debugger. 4. While in debugger; use menu Goto -> Text Elements -> Form Elements. Then you will see a list of all the windows and the text elements in those windows. ****** Searching for SAPScript ****** Another question that always used to haunt me was; why does the F4 help on SE71 not provide a search help we get in SE38. I decided to find out a better way to search for SAPScripts. Here is a simple trick -> If you want to see the names of all the SAPScript forms in SAP then go to SE16 -> table “TADIR” PGMID is ‘R3TR’ OBJECT is ‘FORM’ Execute to see names of all SAPScripts. ****** Add stand. texts to a correction ******* RSTXTRAN is the program to add a standard text to a transport request so that it will get transported automatically along with other tasks( add it at subtask level). ****** How to print “,,” (two commas together) in SAPScript I came across a unique case where in the product description there were ,, in it. And as SAPScript uses ,, for ‘Tab’ it will be interpreted diferently; unless an escape character is used. So I tried all sorts of escape characters and found the corrct one: it is -> <(>,<)> this will preserve the double comma and not consider it as a Tab. If there are ,, (Double comma) in the text and you want to avoid it to be being treated as TAB then use “<(>,<)>,” instead of double commas ****************************************** This is for now. More tips later. Regards, Vivek Kute.
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  1. David Halitsky
    so someone can see why a software company should kill proprietary software as soon as someone figures out how to write the right kind of software to do the job.

    I am old enough (unfortunately) to remember those Wang commercials about interconnectivity between mini-computers and dedicated word-processors, before the PC ate Wang’s lunch.

    Worked on any Wang’s lately? Or NBI’s?  (NBI’s were actually a lot better, but marketing is everything (at least after 1980.)

    1. Alvaro Tejada Galindo
      I actually love SapScript…And don’t like SmartForms…

      I know almost all the tricks you show…But still, it’s nice to see that someone else likes that great R/3 tool -:)



      1. David Halitsky
        and they still run it in a lot of places where no other DB offers the same combo of high volume and high throughput with no performance degradation regardless of how many indices (b-tree OR IFAM) you put on a table.

        But it’s deader than a door-nail and everybody who runs it knows they’ve got to get off it eventually (as soon as they can.)

          1. Suresh Datti
            No need to worry you don’t know SMARTFORMs.. grapevine says all new forms from SAP will henceforth be Adobe ( Interactiev) based… but then, you could still make a killing ten years form now by fixing SAPScript forms & SMARTFORMs… ie it doesn’t hurt to acquaint yourself…
            1. David Halitsky
              I consulted for two NY-based companies in the 80’s who couldn’t figure out the BAL exits that old-times had put into their TCAM to make their TP really scream (before VTAM, of course.)

              Well, you can imagine what the TCAM consultants were making off these exits. 

              It’s even said that Heaven was allowing resurrection of the dead ones, for 20% of the margin, of course.  Business is business.

              1. Anton Wenzelhuemer
                …was it a lot?

                unfortunately they’re probably all dead by now (after a long and prosperous or short and starving retirement), so I can’t even ask one anymore.


        1. Gareth Ellem
          Hey Dave,

          I have a customer here who is certain that the current lack of popularity with M204 is a passing fad.  Makes interfacing projects interesting


          1. David Halitsky
            Ha – I see you’re down under, Gareth.

            So that would be the entire national social security system (or whatever they call it down there – in the US it’s “social security”.) 

            It’s good to know that some folks STILL haven’t been swayed by Codd’s nonsense as preached by his prophet Larry.

            Up here, I think M204 is still running in a lot of the kinds of places that would have to shoot you afterwards if they told you what they were running.

            Best regards

    1. Wesley Bates

      Amazing Blog,

      The SAPscript tool of the SAP system can be used to build and manage business forms such as invoices and purchase orders. The SAPscript tool provides numerous templates that simplify the designing of a business form to a great extent.

      Thank You For Sharing…

  2. siva kalyan
    hi vivek,
    i went through ur tips …
    thanks a lot.
    it was a great job.. hope u keep it up.
    i have a query which i have faced resently

    1)there is one bmap logo on the presentation server.
    and i have uploaded it in sap using se78.
    now someone has deleted it from the presentation server. now how to get back the same logo on the presentation server.

    2)how to use this simplex and duplex modes to print terms and conditions .. i mean

    waiting for ur reply

  3. Pedro Miguel Rodrigues

       Sapscript was a very usefull tool to create layout’s in SAP (45B,46B and 46C).
       Then SAP lauched the SMARTFORMS (New tool to create layout’s) with new functions. (46C, 470 and ECC 5.00)

       And finally SAP lauched the ADOBE FROMS a new and tool more powerfull then the (SAPSCRIPT or SMARTFORMS). In the ECC 6.0 you can created and configured (SAPSCRIP/SMARTFORMS/ADOBE FORMS).

    Best Regards
    Pedro Miguel Rodrigues


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