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This paper provides a step-by-step description for the creation of a transport request with the aim to collect all source system dependent objects of a pre-defined source system connection. It may be helpful for administrator of BI systems who are learning the dos and don’ts of system copies, but also generally for all kind of endusers who just want to have their own objects on a transport request.    1. Please call RSA1 and navigate via ‘Transport Connection’ to the button ‘Collection mode’  and set it to ‘start manual collection’.  2. Press the button ‘Source system assignment’ image    3. Select the source system(s) you want to save the transfer rules for. image    4. Please set the button ‘Grouping’ to ‘Save for system copy’. image    5. In the navigation pane, click on ‘Object Types’ and extend the tree at ‘Source system’. Choose the name of the logical system(s) via input help and drop them to the right side under ‘Collected objects’. image    6. Start the gathering process by pressing the button ‘Gather dependent objects’. This may take a while if there are lots of objects. image    7. Right click on the root of the tree and select ‘Transport all below’. image    8. Expand the whole tree and check if there are no objects which are locked by an other open transport request (the column ‘Transport request’ has to be empty)! image    9. Press the transport button which will create a new transport request is created. Check if the request contains all ISMP and ISTS objects. image  image image    10. Now you can release the request! Please do it only BEFORE deleting the corresponding source system connection. image   Additional information: There are some known errors in BI 7.0 on NW2004S in this regard, which have been described in the following SAP notes:  999007 – 70SP12: Source system-dependent DTP descriptions 990941 – InfoObjects missing when you collect in 7.x InfoSource 981856 – Some used objects not collected or missing from transport 966868 – Problem collecting transformations 966864 – Deleting transformations is not transported 966131 – Correction: Object InfoPackage not found in RSOR 882082 – Error during the transport of deactivated update rules  Let’s mention an extra consulting note at the end:  528435 – Content transfer contains unexpected objects
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  1. Former Member
    Note 886102 mentions you have to do save the source-system dependent objects for BI system copies but with little explanation as to what to do. This blog explains exactly what is required – many thanks!

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