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Enterprise Widget Foundation is a service application that that resides on the client computer.  It handles the messaging between an enterprise widget and an SAP or other back-end.  The question regarding auto-update stems from two different schools of client software management: pushing updates to clients via Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS), or  having the software update it self by calling home.  On one hand, SMS is likely the method a large enterprise company uses for managing software on deployed Windows PCs, so making Foundation rely on the SMS will fit the already existing workflow in our customer’s IT departments.  On the other hand, if Foundation auto-updates itself, there is no effort required by the IT department at all.  The concern with this route is whether IT departments would rather have more control or less effort?  Just to through in a little blasphemy, I’m envisioning that end-users may the adopt enterprise widgets on their own without the need for IT intervention (gasp!).  This route may necessitate having the Foundation auto-update, although I may be burned at the stake for suggesting it   Please let me know what you think.  Eric
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  1. Daniel McWeeney
    Of course, being the incredible intermediary I am ( actually i just don’t like making decisions ) I think the best bet here is a sort of a hybrid gate keeper approach.  Ideally, users should be able to pull down any widget they want, what would be great is if the widget would hit the SAP instance and say, “Hey, I need this web service,” if the web service is not exposed, meaning not really sanctioned by the IT department some sort of logging should occur.  The IT department could then easily look at this information and come up with two great pieces of information; who is using what ( what to focus support on ) and what needs there are ( what to develop more of ).  If the web service is not available it would be great if the foundation with “gracefully” fail — I realize guaranteeing this is basically impossible, but if SAP could lead the way on how they at least some developers will follow your lead.  Just some of my thoughts.  This could reduce the amount of fire under your stake.  🙂



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