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At the TechEd in Amsterdam it was great to meet Marilyn Pratt and Alan Rickayzen at the BPX community area. With their encouragement, I recently submitted an article to the BPX community on how to structure hard-to-automate business processes (URL above).   It would be very interesting to hear other people’s thoughts on the ideas presented. For example, is the methodology a proper application of object orientated design ? Indeed, is it a methodology at all, or just the happy outcome of a standard package implementation. Has this approach been used before – is the assertion true that it is any way “novel”?   The article was written for the BPX community, because I believe it demonstrates an important solution that could not be provided from a purely business or technical perspective – or this too arrogant, or not necessarily an question exclusive to BPX?  Lastly, and this is my hope, should SAP make provision in their modelling tools or applications to extend these ideas?
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  1. Ged Hurst
    Hi Phil

    Firstly, I enjoyed this challenging (yet accessible) attempt to define (paradoxically) hard-to-define business processes, and relate the results to OO concepts.

    There is much food for thought there. Certainly, my own company, and I imagine many others, are facing very similar issues as they attempt to streamline, improve and document internal services over many different subsidiary companies.

    I suppose the primary obstacle to successful implementation of such a process in Danone would be bringing the technique down from the theoretical level and providing a good practical example to demonstrate the concept.

    With this in mind, I wonder would it be possible to suggest a simple, step-by-step guide to the creation of a simple ISR (in R/3 4.6C) to , say, change material master data?


    Ged Hurst
    SAP Development Manager
    Groupe Danone


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