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It seems that we’ve reached yet again another new height, 30 and now I don’t mean my last birthday!  Come on everyone give it up for Rich who has once again beat us in crossing the line before we have the prize ready to send out. It’s coming though!! image For those who don’t know Rich, Rich is generally an awesome guy who I had the pleasure of seeing there in Las Vegas (before that was Boston) and look forward again next year he’s also one of our Community Reporters, an /community [original link is broken] helping to split that massive amount of data as well as one of our first SAPNet Mentors!
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  1. Former Member
    For those who don’t know Rich? Come on…If you don’t know Rich…What are you doing on SDN? Rich is the best ABAP Programmer I ever known…And I haven’t meet him, just share a couple of mails -:P

    Congratulations Rich, your just a role model to follow…Another 28,000 points and I’m going to reach you -:)

    Please keep doing such an amazing job!



  2. Former Member
    You might be surprised.

    His office is a humble double cube with a window, a drafty one at that.  (send him warm socks, he can’t win them though SDN)  There he sits, with pics of his wife and kids on the wall.  Ear buds firmly planted with hard rock setting the pulse.  He taps away at his keyboard and may not say but a few words all day. 

    The thing is, if I have a question, large or small or need advice, all I have to do is go in and say “yo, I got a question.” 

    I have learned to say, “what are you working on?” only when my own head is clear.  Not that he talks above you, it’s that what he is talking about is so new and fresh out of brain cells that only a few humans on Earth can comprehend it. 

    Working at the same company with Rich is awe inspiring.  Working with Rich on projects, well that’s just cool. 

    Being the lowly EP / Network guy that I am I just build the box and make it talk.  Rich is the one that makes the big black boxes sing.  Looks like we will both have a busy 2007 where we work at.

  3. Congratulations Rich for crossing yet another milestone…a role model for every one.

    And thanks to Craig for pointing out these!!!  


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