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Having just registered for BIT600/601, I thought I might meander over to the Forums to read a bit on the subject. I scanned the topics page several times and didn’t see a workflow forum or a webflow forum. So I did a forum search on workflow and found that most, if not all, of the queries, had been posted under ABAP General. Assuming I’m correct that there is no separate forum for webflow/workflow, I’m wondering how come. There are far more abstruse and specialized topics that have their own forums. Also – can someone venture a definitive “yea” or “nay” as to whether the BIT600/601 “webflow” courses will or will not prepare someone to work in pre-NW/pre-“web” workflow environments? Also, if it’s decided that there should be a workflow/webflow forum, does SDN have the technology to move the existing workflow-related posts in other forums to the new forum “en masse”?

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  1. David Halitsky
    KB –

    Thanks very much for pointing that out.  But judging from the number of workflow threads in ABAP General, I’m not sure how many know that BPM is the right place to post BWF-related topics.

    Suresh –

    Glad you agree.

    KB/Suresh –

    Since both of you seem knowledgeable in the area, can you tell me if the “new” courses BIT600/601 will cover the pre-NW workflow material?

    Reason I’m asking is that my current client has pre-NW workflow in production, but is just now getting the hardware to move NW2004s out of its current playpen environment into something more robuts.

  2. Mark Finnern
    Hi David,    This post is a question and should be posted in our SCN Support. That way the people that answer you can get points versus right now you getting points for posting a question. (I think you understand that we don’t give you the 40 points for this one). All the best, Mark. 
    1. David Halitsky
      Reason I posted it here is that I thought there was an SAP-level “philosophical” question involved, not a narrow technical question of the type that usually gets answered in the forums.

      Anyway, I certainly have no problem with you reversing the points.  Hope it’s easier than using the FI/CO reversal BAPI (just kidding …)


  3. Marilyn Pratt
    According to Alan Rickayzen workflow questions should be populating the SAP Business Workflow.
    The forum is described like this:
    Forum: Business Process Management (BPM)

    Business process management (BPM) enables companies to model, configure, execute and monitor business scenarios and processes, to adapt them continuously to new strategies. This forum covers ARIS for SAP NetWeaver and the following tools within SAP NetWeaver: SAP Solution Manager, SAP Exchange Infrastructure, SAP Business Workflow, Universal worklist, Collaboration tasks, Guided procedures.

    At the moment, many workflow questions are populating the Business Process Modeling forum. Which isn’t the appropriate place as these are technical questions.

    Let’s continue the discussion please in the SAP Business Workflow

  4. Alan Rickayzen
    Hi David,
    I had no idea that workflow posts were landing in the ABAP forum – amazing! Thanks for pointing this out.

    In the blog:
    Business Process Expertise and Workflow Engineering – Distinction and Overlap I explained that you’ll get your best answers to technical workflow questions in the bpm forum and non-technical questions in the bpx modeling forum.
    The bpm forum makes sense because SAP Business Workflow is very much part of SAP NetWeaver and you’ll see that the BPM forum is part of SAP NetWeaver.

    It is a bit confusing at first and evolution has a lot to do with it. For example I tried to pursuade the BPEL community to move from the XI forum to BPM and failed because they were already too established.

    BTW: It would be an awful lot easier to answer this had this post been in a forum rather than a blog. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the link works.

    Best regards,

  5. Ramki Maley
    I am certain that most of the Workflow topics that David found in the ABAP forum were posted before the BPM forum was created. That is where I earned my points 😉 Many of the established ABAP contributors do try to steer the Workflow posts to the BPM forum.

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