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UPDATE:  This survey is now closed.  Thank you!    Through this process, we now have more survey results than ever before!  We will now tabulate the responses so we can determine who to award points to.  We really appreciate your participation.

Give Valuable Feedback and Earn SDN Points

Here’s how…

As a SAP Product Manager, my job is not only to roll-out product information to the field and customers; we also like to collect feedback as well.  Understanding how our products are implemented and used gets put into the next cycle and serves to make better software.


There are many ways we collect feedback from our constituents, like talking with conference attendees at the demo pods, presenting on webinars, interacting with the SDN community, and so on.  Each year, we also like to get a little more formal feedback through a survey.  This year, to help drive participation, we are offering SDN points as an incentive for completing the survey.


This survey is gathering both general information and information about the IT Practice of User Productivity Enablement.  It is divided into sections and has questions that are both free-form answers and multiple-choice.  The survey will probably take you some time to fill out, but this is your chance to give some direct feedback to SAP about using our products.  All of the results are reported directly back to our Product Definition organization, so the opinions you provide can be very influential on future versions of the software.  Think of the opportunity!  And, like I said, the incentive to fill out the survey is 10 SDN points awarded per section of the survey completed.


We really look forward to hearing from our customers.  The survey may be accessed here

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  1. Former Member

    I saw announcements for 2 annual SDN surveys (and participated in both). This is a third one.

    However, I’ve never seen results of surveys and year-2-year comparision of results. For me this (comparable results) is… well… at least interesting.

    I asked about this on SDN Suggestions forum. Craig replied that some results were mentioned in one of Mark’s blog posts. But they were in fact just “mentioned”. No details.

    So this fact keep me wondering whether the SDN survey results are considered “for internal use only” or you are not publishing them ’cause they do not coherent with your expectations or you are not consider on your own surveys seriously at all :((


    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Valery,

      The answer, of course, would be dependent on who is running the survey.  This is not an SDN survey.  This is a customer survey that we in Product Management do every year in conjunction with our Product Definiton team.  The results are taken very seriously, as we use it as part of a way to help set product direction.  This year, we saw SDN as a way to help promote our survey and get more respondents.  Questions are changed every year, so there would be no value in a comparison.

      I can not comment on collection or results for SDN surveys.

      Best Regards,

      1. Former Member

        Thanks for explanation!

        Your words was so encouraging that I even tried to complete survey ๐Ÿ™‚ But immediately I found that it is focused towards final customers rather then companies that develop solutions for customers using NW.

        That is sad, because I’d like to provide feedback at least to 2 questions stated:
        – How useful is the SAP NetWeaver documentation?
        – Are there any areas where we can improve our documentation? 

        If you allow, I can submit my “special opinion” to your e-mail ๐Ÿ˜‰

        One additional point. Looks like you are hosting survey at some 3-d party site and you can’t do much about issue described below. The design of page is not that bad, however clicking any check/radio box scrolls page to the top. It’s very annoying for such lengthy survey — one has to scroll down after every selection. Tested on IE7.



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