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Today I am going to be on a panel at a kick off event for GNoTE (Global Network of Technology Evangelists). Guy Kawasaki will keynote. My session is called: The Evangelist In You.  I see myself more as an Community Evangelist rather than a pure Technology Evangelist. Since I have been invited I thought a bit more about it.   Example: What are the character traits for a evangelist?  – Passion for the technology and the positive future that it will bring. As well as compassion for the people and their situation that they are in. – Persuasion: You need to understand how people tick, know where they are and what motivates them to have a chance to bring them to the bright future.  – Patience: Change takes time. The bright future doesn’t have a lobby the status quo does.   A lot more is in my head and I will post about it after the event. I just saw that they have a sponsor called: Veodia that is promising to videocast the event. Have not seen any links, but will let you know once I find out.    It is going to be interesting.
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  1. Marilyn Pratt
    Thanks for sharing this with us Mark.  Being part of the community you serve (most important ingredient for an evangelist, I think) is something you represent to us.
    Perhaps it is not too late to discuss that with other evangelists that you network with. Keeping others in the loop is so important, and you exemplify that!  I wonder if you will find that attitude is common in the group you meet with today.
    Let us know what other evangelists think about the “community” part of Technology Evangelism ๐Ÿ™‚
    How many evangelists are down in the trenches along side the community they serve….
    1. Mark Finnern Post author
      Hi Community,   Being at the event I found out the link to the Hi Community,

      Being at the event I found out the link to the VideoCast:

      Let’s see whether they have a backchannel too for a lively discussion for the ones participating remotely.

      See you soon, Mark.
      P.S. Once their click on the “Live and Upcoming” tab. They have not started streaming yet, so you will not connect.


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