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  1. Former Member
    Hi Nigel:

    Good blog! I like that automatization way of creating OSS links -:) It would be nice if the SDN Team could make it avaliable inside the SDN.

    You got all my support -;)



  2. Eddy De Clercq

    Just fyi. I’ve sent in an article with search plugins for MIE7 and FF2 which can search on notes, both on number as text. I’m a bit waiting till it is approved.
    Btw check also my latest blog (/people/eddy.declercq/blog/2006/12/04/andromeda-sh%C3%BBchakueki) with bookmarlets for signatures in the forums and select boxes in the watches for the control panel.

    Discover the new S(D)N search plugin for Internet Explorer 7 AND Firefox 2 in this http://The beloved in sweet harmony

    1. Nigel James Post author
      Yes Eddy, I saw your blog – good stuff. Bookmarklets are just great for providing a great piece of functionality without the overhead of another runtime engine.



  3. Paul Snyman
    Great stuff Nigel

    I’ve been going crazy with the recent splurge of social bookmarking and was thinking that would be a cool feature for SDN. Strange how we’ve connected again virtually via a common interest. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you.


    1. Nigel James Post author
      Thanks Paul, very kind of you and great to hear from you. Trust that all is going well across the pond.

      Now where is YOUR blog? and those of your colleagues? The guys you work with should be all over this SDN thing. You work with some pretty smart cookies if I remember rightly and if you haven’t moved on. Get them producing great content here on SDN.

      All the best and thanks for your comments.




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