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Author's profile photo Thomas Szücs

Web Dynpro ABAP – What’s New In SP10?

Since the time between two support packages is approximately two and a half month now, each support package contains a number of noteworthy bug fixes as well as an enhancement here and there that makes life easier.

Some of the items cannot be fixed/installed using notes, because they either contain objects that cannot be put into correction instructions or depend on corrections for which no correction instruction could be provided. The corresponding note contains a description if the SP10 needs to be applied as a whole or an independed fix can be done.

Here comes the list.

Interesting bugfixes

971622 Improvements for using Drag & Drag in the Workbench regarding view elements
965152 Improvements in OTR handling in the view designer
971749 Improvements in the where-used-functionality regarding components
974733, 974319 Making invisible ui elements (due to personalization) visible again
940408 Major improvement to how and when messages are displayed in popup windows
971256 F4 on read-only fields doesn’t allow a value to be put into the field anymore
979161 Components with a namespace can now use the customizing functionality for a BusinessGraphics ui element in the workbench
980745 Using portal navigation and opening a new window now displays it in front of the current one
964655 Modifications of the return_tab in a search help exit are not taken into account
982224 After using resume in the portal, a previous eventing registration is now available again
950931, 913264 Bugfix for “Update mapping” in context editor
982399 Corrections on server sider rendering for SP10
973145, 966004 Improvements to the Web Dynpro Explorer in se80

There many additional (small) bugfixes as well.

Enhancements & New Stuff

948753 Helper methods for checking mandatory fields
974235 Support for Session-Handling 2.0 in portal environment
974412 Possibility to share an assistance class between different components
978028 Portal integration can now be traced using the trace tool
978391 Possibility to have reference fields for units and currencies in a different node than the value
978926 ~ is accepted as a prefix for an application defined url parameter
980437 Possibility to hide the toolbar at an Adobe interactive form
981638 Support for dynamic forms in Adobe integration
978037 ACF based ui elements now use a new rendering mechanism
983699 New features for the Adobe integration

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      Author's profile photo Sergio Ferrari
      Sergio Ferrari
      Thanks so much...
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Thomas,
      Your blogs on Dynamic Programming were really great and came very handy during our development.
      Thanks a lot.
      Now we applied the NW04s SP10 and saw some new interesting WDA applications - WDR_SAPGUI_DEMO1..3  - looks like we can integrate SAPGUI screens into WDA. When we run these applications nothing happens though!
      In this Support Pack there is a new WDA class cl_wdr_sapgui_integration..

      Any thoughts ??!!


      Author's profile photo Thomas Szücs
      Thomas Szücs
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Venkat,

      Thanks that you liked the blogs about dynamic programming. I am currently finishing the last lose ends on the second part of the series, which describes dynamic programming on the context.

      Regarding the SAP GUI integration, the functionality you discovered offers a possibility to integrate Web Dynpro into the SAP GUI. This means that is possible to start a Web Dynpro application from within the SAP Easy Access menu and to run it inplace inside of the SAP GUI. An integration in the other direction (SAP GUI inside of Web Dynpro) is not supported. Hope, this explains it a bit.

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Sergio Ferrari
      Sergio Ferrari
      I'm looking forward for a new Blog related to SP11 in order to know the new features...
      Author's profile photo Thomas Szücs
      Thomas Szücs
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Sergio,

      It's in the works. Hope, I will find some time during the weekend, but no promise as I need to prepare an internal workshop.

      Best regards,