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The Sales organisation, an important entity in any company. This reflected when two important sales organisation started demanding different login pages for their users. This core business neccesity has made me to implement the solution where the two different sales organisation can have different login pages.


We all know the standard login PAR comes with a single login page “umLogonPage.jsp”. This particular biz scenario has two different URL for the respective sales organisations. The URL is an identifier in this case to switch between the logon pages.

So make sure to use the class ID only once to avoid any runtime error.


This solution is for a particular scenario that I faced based on a specific biz requirement, the basic point is that we can use the same logon PAR file do display different logon pages.

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  1. Former Member

    The link you provide has really help to solve my issue to certain extend…<br/><br/>Based on the info provided in the Link , i took the UmLogon par and did the modification, since in my case, as i need the Default login page.<br/><br/>I copied the Existing umLogonpage.jsp and rename it as HRDept.jsp where inside the Jsp file there no difference with the original. Thus i have 3 JSP files<br/>1. umLogonPage.jsp (modified with provide code)<br/>2. HR_Dept.jsp     ( has the default except the USEBEAN and ERROR_Bean since both were invoked in UmLogonPage.jsp)<br/>3. UmLogonPage_Default.jsp (This also has default as point 2)<br/><br/>Thus no matter if i give the default link or my custom link(HR Dept)<br/>default : http://<server:port>/irj/portal/<br/>Custom : http://<server:port>/irj/portal/HR<br/><br/>both has to take me to the default page.<br/><br/>but , i am facing a issue at this point<br/><br/>I did all my modification and retain the par file as with default par name i.e <br/> inorder to avoid server reboot and working with authschme.xml file<br/><br/>But on deploying the new par with default name , i get a service request exception…<br/><br/>can any provide some pointer over this…

  2. Former Member
    Hello Rudhra,
                  I have found your blog very useful. But is there any procedure to get the different logon page with same url depending upon the user(when different user try to access it from their login systems).
    1. Former Member Post author
      If you have the user Information before launching the logon page, then we can do that too. But How many user .. and how many logon on pages…?? This may not be a better approach to take user as a differentiating parameter.



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