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Demo Jam ’06

So here it is closing on November and I’ve not taken the time yet to reflect on and share my thoughts on Demo Jam ’06 during this years TechEd, specifically in Amsterdam and Bangalore. Now the reason I say “specifically” Amsterdam and Bangalore is because I actually was a part of the production for both locations and therefore have a totally different prespective than I did in Las Vegas where I ended up losing my voice becuase I was screaming and cheering so loudly.  So yes Vegas was awesome and I screamed my head off and had a sore throat and a missing voice for the rest of the week which was rather funny as I did the Quizzes in the Clubhouse. image* Photo is actually Bangalore but you get the idea Now for Amsterdam I was asked to go up on stage 5 minutes before the thing started to kind of get the crowd moved into seats and to see if I could “warm” things up a bit. One of the main reasons was that in Vegas lots of people decided to just crowd in by the door and not move over to their seats and well it just ended up being plain rude so if you were one of those people (you know who you are) then you should just kind of bow your head in shame for the next 30 seconds…  OK everyone’s head back up? Good, so as I was saying there in Amsterdam I was up on stage (Craig the Great at 20K+) but here is another pic that was taken – I thought it was cool to turn around and all of a sudden see Kartik on the big screen – I did not realize at first they had the SDNers and BPXers slides running. image It was kind of overwhelming to stand up there and see this huge screen and then see yourself on it and moving and all – kind of like walking through the store and all of sudden you see yourself on the TV where they are displaying how the video camera works.  So after I got off stage Philippe and Chip said they wanted me to do it in Bangalore as well. I said OK thinking at first they meant the 5 minute deal as it was a lot of fun and the crowd did responsd to my silly jokes and all that. They meant (found out a minute or two later) that they wanted me to host the Demo Jam as Jeff was not able to make it to Bangalore. So needless to say I was in a bit of shock and at first said I was not sure then eventually I warmed up to the idea. I don’t think it was until later when someone mentioned how lucky I was I did not have to warm of the crowd in Bangalore because everyone there would be very professional and probably not get into the whole “yelling” and “cheering” thing, that I really got nervous about the whole thing. Luckily Marilyn was there and when she heard she was immediately offering her support (she rocks!) and jumped right into the whole BPX/SDN Clubhouse deal and really took charge of that so I could be nervous in a bit of peace there in Bangalore – would not have survived without her – THANKS Marilyn!! image Back to the crowd thing, all I can say is that WOW were they ever wrong! The crowd was amazing in Bangalore and they were so energetic that we actually shut down some of the microphones for the voting because the crowd was too loud! It even got to the point by the end I was telling them to just clap loudly 😉  Another slight change was that since Mark was not able to make it to Bangalore this year we put Mark on stage instead. image So all of it was very, very cool and exciting! At the end as well we did get as many of the SDNers/BPXers and the Jammers on stage for a big photo. image For more photos please check over here I just uploaded a bunch from Amsterdam and Bangalore of our contributors on stage. Also stay tuned as not only will you be able to watch the Demo Jam videos here on SDN but you’ll soon be seeing the links to download the MP4 files as well.  

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      Former Member
      Craig was such a great DemoJam host in Bangalore that he may be asked to take the main stage again at our TechEd events in 2007. 

      SDNers and BPXs: Be sure to join us in Las Vegas, Munich, and Bangalore in October/November 2007... don't miss the fun, excitement, learning, connecting with gurus, and of course the Craig Cmehil show. 

      Mark Y. (the other Mark)