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In my last post (What SAP is doing in the enterprise architecture field (Part 1) ?) I tried to explain the principles and the logic behind SAP enterprise architecture framework. In this post I’ll try to give a high level overview of the framework structure.

The framework composed from three components:

  • Architecture development cycle (ADC)
  • Repository
  • Resource base
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    Architecture development cycle (ADC): step by step instruction of the phases you have to go through in order to get enterprise architecture say. This is the methodology of how to do enterprise architecture.

    Repository: meta-data and instances of the entire building blocks (for all domains), relation between them and views (displaying visually building blocks and relations between them). The repository serves as the memory of enterprise architects since it holds all the knowledge that they manage to capture and gain.

    Resource base: collection of accelerators that help enterprise architects to do their work much more easy and fast. The resource base contains SAP knowledge and experience in many industries, mainly in the form of enterprise architecture styles and patterns (I’ll deal with EA styles and patterns in my next posts).

    The ADC actually populates building blocks and views into the repository and use building blocks, relations and views to do certain enterprise architecture tasks. The resource base also populates the repository with building blocks, relations and views. Selecting EA style or pattern will cause generation of the right building blocks and views to the repository. The resource base also contains best practices and tools that we developed that affected the way that the ADC is done.

       This short post intends to give you a high level overview of the framework structure. In my next post I’ll give a high level overview of the architecture development cycle.

    Natty Gur.

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    1. Great blog series!

      1. Will this integrate with the Enterprise Services Repository (ESR)/
      2. Will this integrate (or replace) SAP Solution Composer?
      3. Any chance of getting some beta-rleases of the SAP EA tools?

      We are beginning an EA project using the Open Group TOGAF but would like to use the SAP EA ideas in the future.


      1. Former Member Post author
        1. Will be integrated with ESR
        2. Will be integrated (not replace) with Solution Composer and Solution manager.
        3. Yes, we can discuss how to let you use beta version of the framework and the tool.

        If any one of you in the stage of beginning an EA project using the Open Group TOGAF drop me an e-mail and lets discuss it.




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