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Installing MDM_TECH Add-On and configuring the MDM4A (MDM for ABAP API)

In this blog, I will be describing how to install the MDM technology Add-on in the SAP Netweaver system and configuring the MDM4A (MDM for ABAP API). MDM4A is similar to the MDM4J and provides the same read, modify, search, administer functionalities of the COM and Java APIs (MDM4J) and brings them to the ABAP World. The MDM 5.5 ABAP APIs are available for download on the Service Marketplace (Support Package and Patch Area, Component: MDM TECHNOLOGY).You can find the files at -> SAP Support Packages -> Entry by Application Group -> SAP Netweaver -> SAP MDM -> SAP MDM 5.5 -> MDM TECHNOLOGY 5.5.4 x.xx

You can also search for the support pack using the key word ‘MDM TECH’.


Note: You require S-USER ID to download the patches from marketplace. There are different patches of MDM_TECH available in SAP market place. You should download the patch, which is compatible with your MDM server patch.

Step1: Download the MDM_TECH patch from the SAP Marketplace and unzip the .CAR file with the utility SAPCAR.EXE (It is also available in SAP Marketplace).

Step2: Before installing the Add-on in SAP, Patch your Support Pack Manager to the latest version using the transaction ‘SPAM’.

Step3: Now install the MDM_TECH Add-on using the SAP Add-on installation tool ‘SAINT’. They are two ways in which you can install the support package by specifying the .CAR files from the front-end server or Unzipping the files into the ‘EPS’ in folder of the application server.

Step4: Follow the wizard steps in the ‘SAINT’ transaction to complete the installation of the MDM_TECH Add-on component.

After you successfully installed the MDM_TECH Add-on, you can see an additional component in your system like below (Go to System->Status. Click on the magnify icon in the SAP system data to see the component information)


Now we will move our focus to configuring the Add-on to work with MDM4A. The configuration of MDM4A is done thru a single transaction ‘MDMAPIC” (This transaction is part of the MDM_TECH Add-on) . They are five steps as part of the configurations.

1. Defining the MDM Server Connections

2. Defining the MDM DBMS server

3. Defining the MDM Version support for the provider

4. Configuring the Repository

5. Setting the MDM4A Trace level


MDM Server Connection settings

In this part of configuration, we will be defining TCP/IP settings of the MDM server. You can either define the MDM server host name (Add an entry in the hosts file specifying the IP address for the host name) or IP address of the MDM server. Define the IP port of your MDM server. In general, communication between the admin console application and MDM server will happen using the default and the fixed port 20005.


To see the complete list of TCP/IP ports used by SAP application, click the link here

MDM DBMS server

Next section we will be defining the MDM DBMS server. Specify the logical DBMS name of your choice for the MDM DBMS and select the DB type from the drop-down based on your MDM DBMS type and then specify the DBMS host name.


MDM Repository

Next step in the configuration is to map all the configurations done so far with the actual MDM repository. The object name is arbitrary and specifies the possible values defined so far in the configuration like below:


Setting the MDM4A Trace level

The final step in the configuration is setting up the trace level for trouble shooting in case of any error happen during the communication between the MDM4A and MDM server.


In order to make the connection work between the MDM4A and MDM server, we need to specify the trusting connection between MDM server and AS-ABAP. Create a file with the name allow.ip and specify the valid IP address of the WAS server where this MDM_TECH is configured in this file. Place the file under the MDM Server folder (where MDS.ini is available). Now a trusted connection has been established between SAP WAS and MDM server. Hence password is not required for communicating with MDM server. It uses the default SY-UNAME from the ABAP side, while communicating with MDM server. Please make sure that a DBMS user of the same SY-UNAME exists in your DBMS.

In my next blog, I will be demonstrating some examples of how this configuration of MDM4A will work with the MDM server.

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      Author's profile photo Thomas Jung
      Thomas Jung
      This is a nice setup overview for the MDM ABAP API.  You will find additional details on the setup in the SDN WIKI as well:

      There is a section of the wiki just for the MDM ABAP API, so feel free to add your own experiences to the WIKI.

      Author's profile photo Thomas Jung
      Thomas Jung
      I almost forgot about these resources -
      If you found this blog interesting, you may also want to look at these:

      The RKT Learning Maps:
      Then choose Connectivity - there is a presentation and a SAP Tutor

      Also the API Documentation:
      Then SAP NetWeaver -> Release 04 -> Planning -> SAP MDM -> Documentation Center -> Operations.
      There is interface documentation and 15 how-to guides.

      I will add these links as well as a link to you blog in the WIKI page