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I propose one more way to send xml messages from XI as a PDF attachment that does not exploit spool. It can be easy to use and probably be handy too.

Pre-Requsite: SAPConnect has to be configured appropriately on SAP XI.
Validity : If you are using WAS >=6.10 AND WAS <6.40 then implement the note 633265.For WAS>=6.40 note need not be implemented.
Settings to be done in SCOT :Double click the SMTP node in the SCOT transaction and set the internet address as shown below.
Set Internet Address
Set the output format of SAP for RAW Text as PDF .
Set Raw Text
Create RFC: Create RFC YXI_SEND_MAIL_ PDF_ATT in SE37 with the following parameters and source code:
Import Parameters :
SUBJECT type SO_OBJ_DES //Subject of the Mail
ATTACH_NAME1 type SOOD-OBJDES //Attachment Name
Tables Parameter :
IT_CONTENT type SOLI_TAB //Content of the Mail
IT_ATTACH type SOLI_TAB //Attachment data that has to be sent in PDF Format
Source Code Extract:

That is all! Test this using SE37 editor by passing sample content and attachment data and check whether you are able to view the PDF in your mail box before you configure a scenario in Integration Builder. We are ready to trigger XML messages as e-mails in the PDF format. Just map this RFC message to the XML message that has to be sent as an email from the integration repository. Map the content of mail to the node IT_CONTENT and attachment data to the node IT_ATTACH in the message mapping.

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  1. Former Member
    Although it is technically feasible I wonder what an actual use case there is for converting an XML document to pdf.

    I would feel really annoyed if someone sent me an XML document, to be processed automatically by some application of mine, in PDF format.
    Even if I didn’t want to process it but only view it in my favourite XML reader I’d had bad luck.

    just my 2 cents,

    1. Former Member Post author

      This kind of scenario is very common in integrating SAP Systems.Ex:You need to send idoc data as an email with PDF to some thirdparty and thrirdparty owners will then feed it into their systems.There are many usecases for this kind of scenarios in SAP.

      1. Former Member
        there a certainly a lot of use cases to exchange XML data with third party systems.

        What I questioned was the extra mile to convert it to PDF (and later parse PDF on the receiver’s end). A lot of third party systems do not even have a native capability(library) to parse PDF documents and need to add such a capability to their environment.

        PDF, portable document format was designed to preserve layout and formatting information of documents across systems. XML by it’s very nature doesn’t have any layout or formatting information and therefore there’s no need to convert it to PDF.

        In short: When it comes to automatic document processing, 99.9 % of 3rd party applications have an easier life if you send XML as FLAT TEXTFILE.

        regards, anton

        1. Former Member Post author
          It is just one example I have given.In my scenario business needs the invoice document should be sent to the vendor in PDF Format in an e-mail and am sure there are many businesses that require to do this kind of functionality.Lets not debate on XML Vs PDF as that is not the point I tried to bring in the blog.
          Requirements are driven by business and we addressed this using the approach and cannot provide the complete details that driven the business as they are confidential.

          1. Former Member Post author
            Iam not converting any XML document at the reciever end to PDF Format but I can recive PO details,invoices as flat files or EDI and can be anything but we need to mail the data to particular groups with PDF Format.Some they might convert them into OCF format or SCAN them by thirdparty tools like captiva or SEEBURGER and store for legal purposes.

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