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There are times in a blog or forum post when you want to use a shortcut to say “perform a search in SDN and related areas”.

Now, we all know there’s a word that sounds like it should be a very large number that is often used for generic searching across web sites, but I think we as SDN (and BPX) members can do better.

I suppose “snoogle”  = S(AP) + N(etwork) + “oogle” or some such would be option, but I’m sure there are better suggestions out there.

No prizes, just some fun!

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Michael:

    Snoogle sounds like a funny and easy word to remember and also, short to write, which is the more important…Gonna think on some more options, and post them if I find any -:)



    1. Former Member Post author
      Yes, Craig, I’m happy to collect any names and we can have a competition…

      I’m also looking for any references to the name that people choose. So, if David writes somewhere that he SnapDragoNned (sorry, David, I’m not sure what the PP version is), then I’d like to see that reference here as well..


        1. David Halitsky
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  2. Marilyn Pratt
    Now, I don’t know German very well, but if we are just having fun here, I think the German for search is suche and search in English is, well, search, and this is a search on the web, so that makes: such-e-search…or an SDN spin on that SDEARCH or SDUCH.
    Adding the BPX community could be SDUCHEX

  3. Former Member
    Snoogle looks like a copy of Google. Going by the search engine used on SDN(TREX), lets name is TREXin or just TREX.

    Usage: When you TREX for Netweaver, the first blog on the list belongs to Craig.

    Now as soon as we say “TREX”, its implicit that we are talking about amchi SDN.

  4. Former Member
    Easy…If you don’t know the answer, you can say…ARH –> Ask Rich Heilman -:P

    Or maybe…SAP –> Search All Posts -;)

    Finally…TREX –> Take Rich Examples… -:D



  5. Mark Finnern
    … also the Google star is sinking. If you have a video sharing site and all this traffic coming to you site and can’t create the community around it so that you have to buy a competitor for 1.6 billion you lost your Mojo. Some say that they bought YouTube to be able to influence the outcome of the guarantied copyright lawsuits. Which is an interesting viewpoint.

    How about SNerch which is between snap and search, but may be to close to Smurf ๐Ÿ™

    Best, Mark.

  6. Former Member

    And sometimes, when I ask myself why the search engine used here produces so much noise masking the good results, I would just relax and call another game of

    TRide and SNeek.



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