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Frequent forum posts in the past and also in the future (will) have one requirement, “How can I schedule my adapter?” There are lot of answers, round abouts to be precise that float around the forums and one of the weblogs that often recommended is Scheduling messages in SAP XI.  But now that SP 19 is in place, we can forget all the trouble we had to go through to get this done. SP 19 comes with ‘Availability Times’ that will help you schedule your adapter.  Lets just try to get our hands dirty. But before we start we have a point to note. We will be working in the Runtime Workbench -> Component Monitoring -> Communication Channel Monitoring and you will need to have the authorizations of the user group SAP_XI_ADMINISTRATOR with the role modify.  The first task you would need to do is to plan your scheduling. So locate the link Availability Time Planning on the top right corner of your Communication Channel Monitoring page.  In this case, our requirement is to schedule a file adapter (CC_SendFileToPDF) daily for two hours from 12:55 in the noon ie from 12:55 PM – 02:55 PM.  In Availability Time Planning, choose the Availability time as daily and say create.  Provide the details like a description and then make the Availablility Time according to your requirement. In our case the plan will look as follows, image Then to select the communication channel that will fit into our criterion, goto the Communication Channels tab and filter and add the respective channel (in our case CC_SendFileToPDF). image Once all the above has been done ‘Save’ the changes.  Now to check if all this really worked you can go into you communication channel monitoring and filter down to your channel.  Say my time(this will be the time on your XI server and not your workstation) now is 12:45 PM. Your adapter will show a status of inactive. image and then @ 12:55 PM, image Behold you have your adapter scheduled and working, Thanks to SAP. Hail SP 19 !!! 
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  1. Bhavesh Kantilal
    hey Shabz,
    A long awaited feature is finally out.
    Looks good to me. Can’t wait for our Upgrade to SP 19.

    Quick Question ~~ Are all J2EE adapters supporting this new feature?


      1. Former Member

        Suppose I wanted to poll the channel after every five minutes.

        Now I se the poll interval in File adapter.
        Now I sechedule the adapter from 11 a.m to 11.30 a.m.

        So during this time interval my file adapter will poll the file after the inveral of 5 min.

        Can you pls clarify.

        Can I use scehdule and poll interval in this situation.


  2. Former Member
    Hi Shabarish ,
    The feauture is exactly a scheduler ?  This feature is something like the adapter is active for specified time interval…ie Adapter will start at that specific point of time and then it will stop as per the end time right ?


    1. Shabarish Vijayakumar Post author

      well yeah scheduling is not the exact term but i thought it was better to introduce it that way since most of our requirement come termed the same ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yes you are correct, its like activating and inactivating the adapter automatically !!!


    1. Former Member
      I see Communication channel monitoring in RWB. However when I get into Channel monitoring I can not see anything on the top right corner Except Adapter Log ( Channel independent )?. I do have all authorizations. Would you please help me ?
  3. Former Member
    Can you please tell me, if the scheduling will affect all the CC coming under the adapter, or we have any option of filtering out.



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