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I’ve been playing around with the SAP Enterprise Widget Foundation (we just call it Foundation), for a couple of weeks now and so far, so good.  A couple of teams in SAP have been trying it out and now I want to get a perspective from developers outside of SAP.  If you are interested, I’m asking participants to build at least one “hello world” widget and ideally something that consumes SAP data and transactions.  Since we’re only doing a limited roll-out this will enable to have email and phone support to work though any issues that you might encounter.  If you are interested please send me an email at  About Foundation: Foundation is a proxy for interacting with SAP.  It handles authentication and remote function calls to SAP from your widgets.  It currently is focused on making it easy to develop and test enterprise widgets with but by the time we’re ready to roll it out to end users it will be much more simple.  Foundation only works with Yahoo! Widget Engine on Windows XP, but will likely release a version for Macintosh Dashboard later this year.
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