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To Convert Date Values in Message Mapping you can use the Standard DateTrans Function.
But what happens when the Date comes always in different format or the target date format depends on the Message Payload. Here is some Solution for this.

To handle such a Scenario we have to use a CustomerFunction. In this example we use a source structure with 3 fields.

DateType Source – The Source Structure of the Date (example: yyyy/MM/dd)
DateType Target – The Target Structure of the Date (example: dd.MM.yyyy)
Date – The Date Value

The CustomerFunction has 3 Arguments which we use in the function to convert the Date Value.
We have to import as well the java.text.* package for this function.
We use the SimpleDateFormat Class for the Transformation.


Customer Function:

With these basics it is possible to build complex Date Conversion scenarios.

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  1. Former Member
    while i am executing it, following err is generated,
    followed as u depicted..

    C:/usr/sap/XI1/DVEBMGS00/j2ee/cluster/server0/./temp/classpath_resolver/Mape13d2b607b8911dbcdd9001560a58e89/source/com/sap/xi/tmpl/ ‘)’ expected public void DATEFORMAT$(String[] DATETYPE SOURCE,String[] DATETYPE TARGET,String[] DATE VALUE,ResultList result,Container container){ ^ C:/usr/sap/XI1/DVEBMGS00/j2ee/cluster/server0/./temp/classpath_resolver/Mape13d2b607b8911dbcdd9001560a58e89/source/com/sap/xi/tmpl/ ‘;’ expected } ^

    in the syntax of source code ‘;’ and ‘}’ is al done,

    pls help


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