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So I thought I would addorn the Reporter attire again but this time for the TechEd’06 @ the garden city of India. After the fun we had at SDN day, I was excited to check out how the mega event of TechEd would turn out to be. This being my first one, I had received reviews of the earlier ones held in this city which were mixed in feelings. Well, different people different prespectives and we value them all !!! I arrived at the scene, KTPO’s Bangalore Trade Center. The attendence was in huge numbers (I later got to know it was over 3800, a 40% increase from last years). Slowly trying to find my place among the crowd, met lot of the friends from the SDN day, old colleagues and even made quite some new friends ๐Ÿ™‚ image The stage, the screens and the crowdAfter having taken the seat, the sparks flew …. it was a display of music and dance (i guess it was more of a display of how much humans could flex their muscles). image The trio that left people ‘WideEyed’Now the SDN team had invited some of us from the community to a ‘Preffered Seating’ for the Top Contributers (I found myself lucky to make it to that list) and did we know what surprise was in store for us ? Just 15 minutes into the program we received a standing ovation (I wish my mom was there to see that… the scene would have been a classic out of the bollywood movies ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Thank you SDN for that … As the day progressed from the key note (it had some good display of the strength of SAP and the future that did sound sweet to the ears of all around), it was time for people to pick sessions and the hands on. Apart from them, the SAP Pods were pretty cool. We even took some time out to chat with some of the ISV’s around and check out what they were upto. The SDN club house too was a great hit with the place ‘full house’ almost all the time (Oh come on, it was not that the coffee stall was pretty near to it). Towards the end of the day, the event that did raise a lot of ‘applause’ (literally) was the Demo Jam … boy oh boy wasnt that fun …. the applause meter, the crowd going wild over the demos … and finally it was demo’crazy’ that won … people voted with their applause to select the winners (by the by the CRM voice guys did finsh off with the trophy in great style and a huge margin .. CONGRATS!!!) With the crowd now exhausted with over 30 minutes of ‘hyper-action’, the party was to begin …. Beer was served …. and the stage was set for ‘Entertainment’ …. Jimmy Mosses captured all hearts with his jest and gags (He even pulled one on Craig …. remember the word ‘GO’ ๐Ÿ™‚ ) image image Jimmy on the stageand Anushka from the ‘VIVA’ fame, put the crowd on its feet …. yes if you cant beleive me …. as they say ‘Seeing is believing’ …. here is the proof ๐Ÿ™‚ image image Anushka set the screen ablazeimage Well, here are the backstage dancers ๐Ÿ™‚The sessions, the handsons, the certification, the arrangements, the food, the refreshments …. this was one well organized event in whole. All three days, each moment you increase your knowledge ware (if you choose)…. now wonder people keep coming back each time !!!! Note: Even the book that was given away, Enterprise SOA – Designing IT for Business Innovation is a collector’s item for people in the world of ERP and SAP. image Enterprise SOA – Designing IT for Business Innovation by Dan Woods and Thomas Mattern
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  1. Former Member
    Sabarish, got to add the fact that some of us got some very good friends. Am glad to have been part of this. also, thanks to you guys for letting me tag along. Ending this note with an honest comment…. Great blog man!

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