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Upload file in BW: common mistakes and hints to take in mind

Last update: 30/11/2006 Here is a collection of the most frequently asked questions and troubles that a developer has during the uploading of flat file in BW: Common mistake on upload file • Delimeter not given in upload csv or given in wrong way. How to resolve: You must be sure that it will be set as “;” image Pay attention in some regions and depending of the contents of the file the delimeter of csv is “,” (Thanks Vitaliy)!! A good doc on .csv is • The system can’t open the file. Possible Reason: – When the file is on application server can’t be it is not accessible from BW because of authorization given on BW user (normally BWADMIN) doesn’t match with the permission on the file. – The file in client workstation is still open from another user. (thanks Vitaliy :)) • When you make at your own the .csv file from an excel file, in the source file you have the last (one or more) line blank. How to resolve: Delete all records “empty” in excel before convert in .csv • Saving a .csv file from .xls –> loose some info or change some data. How to resolve: define the format of all the excel cells as “text”. Select all cells and image image Note that if you open a .csv file directly with excel you’ll may lose every formatting option. If you need to re-open the file to add or adjust some data it’s better to open the previous file .xls and not the .csv. • The file contains un-necessary formatting not visible in “NOTEPAD”. (Hidden characters) How to resolve: manage the file with another editor. Common mistake on definition and conversion in BW after upload data: • You catch an error on Alpha conversion (or another type of field conversion like PERI7…) You need to take confident with this concept. Documents are in or in discussion in forum alpha conversion Take in mind the option in transfer rule to convert the data from external format into internal. image The type ALPHA, NUMCV and GJAHR are supported by standard. Note, check also the datasource definition image • Data in the file is in lowercase but the definition of InfoObject in the general tabpage is #147;no lowercase” You have two options. 1 – Change the definition of Infoobject to lowercase, but make it only if is really necessary to distinguish between the values like “MATERIAL”, “Material” or “MaTerial”. Don’t make it if the values means the same like “MATERIAL” 2 – Convert to uppercase the data using the TOUPPER() formula in the transfer rules. • Calendar day should be of the format yyyymmdd (SAP requires this format). • After the upload of data for some currency you have the amount * 100. That could happen for the currency key defined without decimals (see TCURX table). How to resolve: Set the option “Currency conversion for external Syst.” in the Tab External data of Infopackage. • You set the option “Currency conversion for external Syst.” but the problem on currency persists! Hot to resolve: in the Datasource definition every amount must refer to a currency unit. Note that during the definition of the Datasource structure, when you insert the InfoObject of reference, the system ask if you want to overwrite the definition. image If you say not, the definition (length and type of data) remain what you have defined. image But also the unit of reference for the structure. To change this reference it’s necessary to say “overwrite”. Only in this way the option “Currency conversion for external Syst.” could be used. image The Infoobject related to the field of amount must have the Infoobject unit defined also in the datasource structure. When you say “overwrite” the definiton data of IO substitutes the data (length, type, and others) but also the currency of reference. • Special character not admitted during the execution of the update rules. How to resolve: Make it admitted on transaction RSKC. But have a look on the blog linked below to go deeper on the argument. Invalid characters in SAP BW 3.x: Myths and Reality. Part 2. Some Hints: **** EXTERNAL DATA Make always the preview option of file to understand: – if the path specified is correct (if not you receive an error) – if the parameters in tab external data are correct (you’ll see a very strange content) – if the content of fields corresponds to the definition made in the infosource (some content are not correct under the right column or a part of the information is splitted into two column). Note that you can see more than the 5 records proposed by default (check almost the first 100-500 records please). I strongly recommend to use the simulation of update during the preview of file. image ****** TAB SELECTION Is open to insert one value, an interval or more value and interval together (in OR). But there aren’t selection criteria more fine like exclude or include only initial value. In this case is necessary to insert a little ABAP routine image Note that the only combinations admitted in the range like variable are: SIGN – OPTION I – BT I – EQ I – CP No Others (ex, E EQ to exclude a value) are available for file source. You can make more options only for infopackage based on generated infosource like ODS. Reference in SDN world At the end I would like to resume some blogs and docs about this specific argument. Blogs – Here the complete list. Binary File in BW:  what I can do with control file Invalid characters in SAP BW 3.x: Myths and Reality. Part 2. Debugging data upload in BW (but only with PSA and after upload file) Hierarchy Upload from Flat files Loading Text Files(.TXT) into BW with HEX option How to create ASCII text file for upload to SAP BW (in case of hard problem of performance) Help pages is every time the main reference: NW2004 NW2004s

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      Author's profile photo Marc Bernard
      Marc Bernard
      Hi Sergio,

      thanks! This is a great compilation. Keep adding to it if you find more. Quite a few things are a lot easier once you get SAP NetWeaver 2004s BI. For example, the new DataSource maintenance lets you read in an example file and will automatically suggest all the field properties like type and length. There's also an universal date conversion routine so you are not tied to YYYYMMDD anymore.

      Have a great day,
      SAP NetWeaver RIG

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Marc,

      thanks for your reply.

      Welcome the BI 7.0.
      In fatc as you note, in this post there are only consideration for NW2004.
      When I'll go to an NW2004s project, I'll update this blog with the new features.


      Author's profile photo Witalij Rudnicki
      Witalij Rudnicki
      Hi. Good staff, indeed. I just would note two things:
      1) Separation in CSV file is not always ";". It depends on regoinal setting in Windows where Excel file is saved.
      2) There is yet another problem with uploading the file from PC, when the file is still open in Excel.

      I did not get point with "****** TAB SELECTION" - can you pls explain further?

      Thank you!!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author
      Hi, many thanks for your comment.

      I'll add as soon as possible your observations to the post.

      For the first, very surprise for the international variety of interpretations. Now I know that also the .cvs change!!!!!
      Do you know in which part the .csv is ","?