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   Coming from  a  pure IT background I certainly  can understand the discussions about the  ” right ”  way to implement SOA at enterprises, but  reality shows  us  that the right way to adopt SOA is to convince the business side regarding the necessity and contribution of SOA to the business. Let’s face it, IT is just a tool or enabler for the business to reach it goals and objectives.  As  a matter of fact, since IT serves as a tool to manipulate the enterprise information  it  always reflects the situation of the enterprise information. The enterprise information is affected by the way the business is running, therefore there  is  a direct influence of the business on the IT.     And  being based on the business  means you can find a great or a bad IT architecture and  then utilize it for the IT side. Still if you manage to solve IT problems without solving business problems, you’ll probably fail. We are all familiar with the IT spaghetti that all the IT knights tried to solve. But have you ever thought why we end up with this IT spaghetti? Maybe this spaghetti is a mirror of the business spaghetti! If this is the case it doesn’t matter which IT architecture we’ll follow. The right solution here is to re-architect the business side first.  Ignoring the Business spaghetti makes our brave IT  knight  into  a  “Don Quixote”.     People like the analogy  made  between city planning and enterprise architecture, so I’ll  further use this analogy to prove my point here. The business architecture of enterprises is equivalent to the city planning decisions made by the city mayor and the city committee. If they have  made wrong  calculations   regarding the distance of the city international airport from the city, it doesn’t matter which architecture the city planner will use for  designing and architecting transportation and human  traffic  (Information), buildings (application) or roads and railways (infrastructure) the city still have a problem.  Only  after re-architecting the “Business”  can the problem be solved.     The problem that we face today is that SOA is a technical architecture pushed by the IT but not polled by the business side of the enterprise. The ironic part is that the ideas behind SOA might help enterprises business to re-architect the business side and to solve the business spaghetti.  It is this business spaghetti that will prevent us, the IT guys,  from attaining a successful SOA – based IT solutions.      If you’re running  a  SOA project or thinking about one you should have an enterprise architecture team that will support you through this process. Remember, without the ability to make business changes your SOA project will  probably  be doomed to fail.   Natty Gur
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  1. Former Member
    I wonder if the use of city planning as an analogy is the right one? The challenge in business is to both get it right and be able to adapt it rapidly to changing needs and demands. SOA and technologies like business rules allow systems to be built so they are easy to change and that, I think, is the key.
  2. Former Member
    Excellent concepts I completly agree with it.
    However I could not find any presentation for SOA that explain or help or just give advices on this concept.
    Additionally is still hard to get business people involve with these new vision: techonology must help business process and not the otherway around.

    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Maria,

      I don’t know if you’re familiar with SAP enterprise architecture framework. Our framework is a practical implementation of this concept.



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