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How to reuse Formula builder of FI Validation, Substitution and Rules

Sometime there are requirements when one wants the flexibility to have configurable validations in a program on top of existing validation happening in the program. This gives flexibility to the customers to change/add validation based on individual requirements. FI validation subsitution and rule component has a generic formula builder which can be used by other component to build configurable validations. This component(transaction GGB0) provides the standard way of creating logical expressions. It is possible to plugin your component to this subsystem and use it to build your validation. Following steps are required to plugin your component to use this.

1. In order to plug in your component, one has to configure some of the tables used by this component.

  a. GB03 – This table stores different application areas 

     e.g FI, CO, AR etc. You need to add an entry for your

     application area.

  b. GB31 – This table stores different call points for an

     application area. Call points are name of logical area

     where you want the validation to happen e.g. FI

     document header, item level validation and complete

     document validation. You need to specify which boolean

     class needs to be used for each call point. Boolean

     class is described in following points. Make sure

     field GBVALUSE is ‘X’.

  c. GB02 – This table stores Boolean classes. Boolean

     class are used to link message class used to show

     the error messages if validation fails and what   

     table/structure need to be used for validation.

  d. GB01 – This table stores the table/structure name and

     its fields for a Boolean class which will be showed up

     for validation creation in formula builder. ‘*’ means

     all fields.

  You can create a report program to insert records to

  these tables. Take care of text tables also. After

  inserting the records, call following report to get

  the required code generation for validation subsystem

  to work.

  submit rgugbr18

        with x_code = ‘X’

        with x_off  = space

        with x_on   = ‘X’

2. Once you have the configuration done mentioned in Step 1

   your application area and call point will appear in

   transaction GGB0 where you can create a validation

   using fields from the structure regsitered to boolean


   Validation can have multiple steps. Each step can have

   pre-requisite which decides if check needs to be done,

   a check and a message from the message class regisered

   with boolean class. In check creation, it will show the

   fields of the structure/table registerd with the boolean


3. In you main program, call following FM to invoke the

   configurable validation created in transaction GGBO.

  data: vaktab   like rgbl5 occurs 1.   

  data: wa_vatab like rgbl5.

  wa_vatab-tabname = ‘Your registered Str/table name’.

  APPEND wa_vatab TO vaktab.



      tab_data1    =  0.

   MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno

             WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.



You are done!!!!! validation configured using the structure registered with boolean class will be invoked in your main program on top of what you have coded. This gives more flexibility to the customer to manage its own validations.

You can use this for subsitution also. For more infomration on how to create rule, validation and subsitution use standard SAP help document.


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