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Here you learn how you could easily integrate a web service into the Argo search. After logging on to the Argo Configuration Editor just click on the “Add” button on the Connector Dashboard.

General settings

Name the connector and the object.

Web Service Setup

Type in the URL to the web service description file (WSDL). The web service I will use in this example is the following: Check use proxy if needed and click on “Get service operations”. The operations supported by this web service will be displayed in the table control. Select the “GetTheatresAndMovies” service and proceed to the next phase.

Input setup

Here you can specify the input parameters. Mark “ZipCode” as “Attribute search query” and “Radius” as “Default value” and set it to 25. Proceed to the next phase.

Output setup

First of all you have to set the result node. Therefore specify the structure node “GetTheatersAndMoviesResult” as “Object instance”. Select the attribute “Name” and mark it as “Object attributes”. Set the area to “title”. Select the “Address” and mark it as “Object attribute” as well. Set the area to “Summary”.

The next phase gives you a summary of what you have configured. Finish the wizard and save the configuration.

Goto the Argo Search UI. A valid query would be: “Movies 94306”

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  1. Hello Kai,

    Your blog seems to be interesting. But unfortunately, I could not get the service operations displayed even for the wsdl that you have given in your blog. I have tried using other wsdl’s also but of no use. I checked the proxy checkbox as well. So, could you please guide me how to connect webservices and get the search results.

    Thank you.

    viele Gruße,

      1. Hello Kai,

        I have solved the problem with help of Bala by using the version 4 and some changes in the Global Proxy settings.

        Thanking you.

        Viele Gruße,


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