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Binary File in BW: what I can do with control file

Control file is an option in the tab “External data” of the Infopackage for the flat-file uploading.

Type of data file

In the options to upload file in BW, there is the format of file, txt or csv.  And binary? Is it permitted? Yes, but I need to define a “control file”.  image in the image you can see the location of the “control file” instead the location of the data file to upload in BW.  From help or OSS note you can find these options:* Name of the file to be loaded FILENAME = c:\temp\  * Type of file to be loaded (binary, CSV or ASCII) FILETYPE = BIN or CSV or TXT  * Where is the file situated (Application Server or Client Workstation) LOCATION = A or C  * Field separator FS = ;  * Escape character ESCAPE = \  * Decimal point DECIMALPOINT = ,  * 1000 separator 1000SEPARATOR = .  * Number of records in the file – mandatory for BIN type RECCOUNT = 985  * Length of a record in the file – mandatory for BIN type RECSIZE = 53  * Number of records in an IDoc packet – optional PACKETSIZE = 1000  * Selection date – optional SELDATE = 19980903  * Selection time – optional SELTIME = 112305 these are the only options available, there aren’t others possibility in the control file.  The data file could be on Application or on the client like in the normal uploading file. Obvious, in the case of Client, the execution can’t be in batch (called by chain). My opinionYes, if I need to load a BIN file, this is the only way with an Infopackage from flat file. But is very hard to check if all the parameters are correct, if the control file is well formatted and if the data file corresponds to the definition in the infosource.  The preview of the flat file is disabled. Also the option “currency conversion from external system” is disabled!!! So you can have problem with currency like ‘JPY’.  image So it’s difficult to know if I made all the others setting correctly.    


Is possible to specify the codepage together with the control file in the box “Character Set Setting”. image But attention it is considered by the generated program only for the text mode option, not for the binary mode! So I can’t read an external binary file from an external source system that write it in a proprietary codepage (as IBM AS/400). To make that, I must use a program to transform the file form a code-page to the default one (in SAP I created a dedicated ABAP). My opinion:In the case I need to transfer data from a source that is untouchable and not avaiable to define a different extractor to make a file in the standard codepage, It’s best to use other tools. I know the possibility of XI-adapters to read the file or the UD connect of BI to read directly the tables of the source system (I prefer the second). 

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