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As already published in an earlier blog (New! Composite Application Framework Meet-the-expert Sessions), the SAP’s Composite Application Framework (CAF) PM team will start a so-called ‘Meet-the-expert’ session series. The registration for the first session is now open and you’re kindly invited to join -> for registration, please use the link above. The session will take place on coming Friday (Oct 27th), 10 a.m. EMEA (German) time.

The session will take approx. 1 hour and will consist of a approx. 15 minutes introduction to CAF, 10 minutes demo of a simple Composite (Cancellation Process) and an overview how such a Composite is modelled (15 minutes). At the end of this session, an open Q&A discussion is planned. This simple Composite will be the base for other topics that will be discussed in the context of the next sessions.

Please find here the link to the registration: Registration to 1st CAF Meet-the-expert session.
If you face any issues, please mail to

Meet the experts and join the 1st Composite Application Framework Meet-the-expert sessions on Friday, Oct 27th, 10 a.m. (European time). I’m looking forward to meet you!

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  1. Hello Jan,

    Good to have these sessions to get an idea and learn CAF.

    I am in US (CST), it is around 3AM here to attend the sessions. Do you plan any sessions in US? or the recordings will be available in SDN for download? Will you please clarify?


    1. Jan Rauscher Post author
      Hello Prem,
      Thanks, Prem, for your comment and you’re right, it’s really an issue that we have some troubles with getting convenient times for the entire community. If we arrange meetings in the evening (EMEA time), then the Asia colleagues cannot attend and vice versa. So I’ll try to mix a little bit the arrangement times, therefore sometimes it’ll convenient for the US colleagues, sometimes for the Asia and European colleagues. Furthermore I’ve some time restrictions regarding the speakers and SDN preferences.
      The material and the screencams of the sessions will be make available in the SDN, so it’ll be shared to everybody.
  2. Jan Rauscher Post author
    The session is now summarized and the material (PPT and screencams) will be published end of this week (CW44). Thanks for your interest and patience.

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