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Author's profile photo Bertram Ganz

New Book – Maximizing Web Dynpro for Java



In this SDN WebLog we want to inform you about our brand-new book on developing enterprise web applications with the Web Dynpro Java Foundation in SAP NetWeaver 04. ‘Maximizing Web Dynpro for Java’, published by SAP Press, is aimed at Web Dynpro Java developers who already have some development experience, but now want to go to the next level.

This comprehensive book delivers valuable new information on many Web Dynpro areas like the use of Web Dynpro components and component interface definitions, the integration into SAP Net Weaver Portal, the interaction with the Net Weaver Development Infrastructure and the installation, administration and configuration of the Web Dynpro Java Runtime.

All topics of the book are covered in a practical and example-driven style, enriched with many tips and tricks to increase the speed, security, and structure of your Web Dynpro applications, as well as key insights on troubleshooting and performance optimization. With this approach we want to show you exactly what you need to know in order to leverage Web Dynpro applications in your daily work.

Book Content

  • Examples with Relevance to Real-Life Projects: Within the book we discuss several examples to illustrate the countless possibilities that are made available to you by Web Dynpro for Java. Because they aren’t typical scenarios — developing games or CD management programs using Web Dynpro — the examples that we chose to illustrate Web Dynpro’s capabilities may surprise you at first. Nevertheless, we believe that these examples best illustrate many best practices that will be useful to you in your daily work with Web Dynpro.
    All examples were created based on SAP NetWeaver 2004 (SP14) and tested to the best of our knowledge. We did our very best to ensure consistency with regard to structuring and naming conventions. All examples in this book can be downloaded, extended and modified. The generic functionalities can also be reused in your Web Dynpro applications.
  • Web Dynpro Architecture Concepts: First we give you a basic introduction to the Web Dynpro programming model in Chapter 2. In particular, we focus on the internal structure of the Web Dynpro runtime environment and how it is embedded into SAP NetWeaver.
  • Web Dynpro Componentization within the NWDI: One of our major concerns was the consistent componentization of the Web Dynpro sample applications. The SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI) in particular provides you with a very powerful functionality—it enables you to build your own Web Dynpro application with reusable units. We describe the usage of Web Dynpro components and component interface definitions specifically in terms of using the Web Dynpro GameStation (see Chapter 3) and the Web Dynpro MusicBox (see Chapter 8). In Chapter 9, we describe the generic Web Dynpro development components that are reused in several places in the examples given in this book. In Appendix A, we also provide some recommendations on how to achieve a consistent and comprehensible description of your Web Dynpro applications, in particular, when using Web Dynpro components and Web Dynpro development components (DCs).
    Because service-oriented applications have become increasingly popular since the introduction of the Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA), we will discuss how web services are used within your Web Dynpro application by using the Web Dynpro Google search (see Chapter 4). Additionally, we address the differences between the declarative and dynamic creation of Web Dynpro UIs based on the display of search results.
  • Portal Integration: We also describe the interaction between your Web Dynpro applications and the SAP NetWeaver Portal. Although Web Dynpro applications generally run outside the SAP NetWeaver Portal as well, there is a multitude of new possibilities available to you as soon as you start your Web Dynpro applications within the SAP NetWeaver Portal. Extended navigation options (see Chapter 6 and Chapter 7) or the personalization options (see Chapter 8) are only two examples that are implemented in a very straightforward manner, particularly with regard to the Web Dynpro MusicBox. In addition to describing those functions, Chapter 5 contains a general description of the steps required to start your Web Dynpro application within the SAP NetWeaver Portal.
  • Tips for the Installation, Administration and Configuration: Because we know full well from working with Web Dynpro that, apart from the actual application development, the administration and configuration of the Web Dynpro runtime environment frequently causes problems, resulting in unresolved questions and discussions, this topic is extensively discussed in Chapter 10.
  • Web Dynpro in the SDN: Appendix B is intended to give you all the information you need in order to use the SDN optimally as a knowledge platform for Web Dynpro. Here, you’ll find plenty of material for the Web Dynpro technology that ideally supplements the contents presented in this book. In sections B.2-3 you will find more detailed information about the Feature2Sample matrix  that enables you to compose your own Web Dynpro learning map.

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Enjoy maximizing Web Dynpro,

the authors of ‘Maximizing Web Dynpro for Java’,

Bertram Ganz, Jochen Gürtler and Timo Lakner

(team members of  NW ESI F UI – Web Dynpro Foundation for Java, SAP AG)

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      Author's profile photo Manuel Jeremy Schaffner
      Manuel Jeremy Schaffner
      Hi Bertram,

      excellent book!!

      But I've tried to run the examples on a NW2004s SP15 Portal and some of then do not run (anymore).
      Do you have any hints to get them running?

      WD Game Station:
      ---- ComponentUsage(DeploymentManager): No active component must exist when creating a component.

      WD Music Box:
      Bei der Verarbeitung Ihrer Anfrage ist eine Ausnahme aufgetreten
      Exception id: 09:51_16/01/09_12741850
      See the details for the exception ID in the log file.

      WD Navigation Tester:
      ---- type not found

      Best regards,