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Modifying The Logon Par(or customising the Logon Screen)

The basic rationale behind this blog is to make people accustomed with the logon screen and the widespread pit falls which we craft .For a start I thought this will be the classic way to begin as every thing in the portal begins with the logon par.

               It is prudent to take the backup of the portal and the database before you make changes to the logon file.

Changing The branding Image :-

The Branding image can be change in two ways :-

a.     The first method is a ghastly way of doing it .In this method we need copy the logon.par file and can change the image according to our desire.

1.     Go to the file path


2.     Open the folder


b.     Navigate Till root folder through servlet-jsp/logon

c.     Inside the root go to Layout folder

d.     In the Layout folder there exists those branding images

e.     Replace the branding Image (Keeping the same name of ur image as that of the existing one ).

3.     Restart the J2ee engine and the Portal .

b.     The second method gives us an option of customizing the Logon file  the way we                                                        


i)  The Logon screen files are in ( a zipped file)                               which can be copied from  

     “>\Import .

             b.) Choose the option PAR file. Select Next and a popup window


                     c)   Fill in the details in the screen which poped up .


iv)    If the Par file is imported  without any errors then we are set to make changes in the jsp files and the images the jsp files can to seen in the NWDS navigate to the PORTAL-INF through the dist folder.

                        There are seven jsp files and four text files which comprises of basic functionality of the Logon Page.



The Links to all the jsp and the text files is through the UmLogonPage.Jsp , if any of the links has to be removed it can be done through this page(just remove the jsp tag for that particular page).

Changing The Text

Before we move on to changing the text it is necessary to know how does that text appear on the screen .The text is stored in umelogonbase.jar  which is in the lib folder of PORTAL-INF.( There has to be two files umelogonbase.jar and , if these files  are not there ,then unzip the original par file and copy from them .If These files are not there then while deploying it will show Error).

                                      Once you  open the umelogonbase.jar file there are some properties file which define the messages according to the language.Locate which contains the message ¡§WELCOME¡¨ under xtit_WELCOME.

         Change the message and save the file.

This message is called from umLogonTopArea.txt .This txt file is included in the UmLogon.

Deploying The New Par File :-


                           In order to Upload the new par we need to comfigure the deployment descriptor.For  

              this we will make use of the j2ee engine. STOP THE J2EE ENGINE AND PORTAL.

1.     Open The offlinecfgeditor .bat under the directory 



2. Switch to edit mode by clicking on the will open a confirmation dialog


Step 1

3. Navigate till cluster_data/server/persistent/

4. In the tree, select authschemes.xml and choose Download. Save the file (Since we

    do not want to tamper the Initial setting swe will make Custoomized deployment 


5. Open the file and replace the Occurrence of with    your par file name ( don¡¦t change the rest part such as basicauthentication),and save it with a new name.

6. Navigate till and choose create symbol from

     the toolbar available.

    Select the type File-entry.Click on the  Upload and select the custom file (which

    you have made).Press create and close the window.Check whether the new node

   appears or not in the configuration tree.

                         Step 2

„«     Navigate till cluster_data/server/cfg/services.

„«     Double click on the Property sheet of

„«     Click on  login. Authschemes.definition file .


„«     Add the name of the xml file which you have created and Press apply custom.

„«     Restart the Portal. That is often not done and the changes will not appear.

Common Errors :-

1) Could not instantiate implementation class com.sapportals.portal.ume.component.logon.SAPMLogonCertComponent of Portal Component because: Could not find implementation class

at– The Two jar files are umelogonbase.jar and  not available in the lib folder of PORATL-INF.

2) iView or component ¡VNA


   The jsp tags has not been closed properly.

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  • Very useful blog.  The only thing I would say to people is to look at the available parameters first before development:

    ume.logon.branding_image – sets which picture to display on the right.

    ume.logon.branding_text – sets the text on the logon screen.

    ume.logon.logon_help – set whether ‘Get Support’ is displayed.

    ume.logon.selfreg – Sets whether ‘Register Now’ appears.

    However – to do anything else, you obviously need to do development, which is where your blog comes in very useful.


    • Thnx A pAul …Initally I thought of explaining it but some how missed it ..Anyhow iam also Trying To POst a BLOg which explains the flow of the LOGON.par right from the logon.jsp to the rest of the files .how they are used.

      Once again Than for your suggestions.

        • You can change the settings mentioned by Paul by opending you configtool.


          When the config tool is open go to.

            >Global server configuration

          A list of global properties will appear, scroll down till you find the  properties Paul mentioned.

          • I want to Modify the browser titel bar for Portal-  that shows the “SAP Enterprise Portal-microsoft Internet Explorer” for login page. And the navigation Object name where we are in the Portal.

            Please suggest me on this.

            i want the ADD application server instances Name there that is handling that request.

            Please suggest me some thing urgently
            Narpal S Sihag

          • HI Narpal S,

            Kindly do the following for the first query which you have Incase your portal is NW04s
            – Navigate to System admin–>system config–Service Config
            -open Portal runtime –> central configuration
            – Find the property portal.html.head.title , change the value there , you would be required to restart the j2ee engine.

            On the Second query it would be great if you could clarify.

            Pankaj Prasoon

          • thanks for the information.i can see these change.

            after login the titel keep changing according to the navigation
            i.e.- if i am in Identity mgmt so tital is Identiy management-SAP Netweaver Portal.
            first half is dynamic according to navigation.

            I want that it should display the server name dynamically as well
            i.e.- i am having 15 Application server instances (for load balancing) so dynamically browser will display the Application server name that is responding for particular request.

            Narpal S Sihag

        • Hi Jagdish,cluster-data>Global server configuration>    >services–>      ><br/><br/>we can find all the parameters related to UME , which can be customized according to our requirement.<br/><br/><br/>Thanks & Regards<br/>Pankaj Prasoon<br/>

    • Hi Paul ,

      Can you just tell me where can we check for all these parameters ? Is it in the portal i.e in UME configuration ,I checked for it but I cant see all those parameters there .Can you please help me out …….


  • After doing changes as per in the blog now i am getting following error

    Portal Runtime Error

    An exception occurred while processing a request for :
    iView : N/A
    Component Name : N/A

    The exception was logged. Inform your system administrator..

    See the details for the exception ID in the log file

    can you help me out??

    thank you

    • Hi sandeep,see this happens beacuse inside ur logon par in the UMlogin.jsp there is a link to the certlogon u shd rename it to the name of the logon par which u are going to make.

        • Hi sandeep,see as soon as the par changes to bak 9and eventhough the j2ee engine shows yellow color) go and paste the work folder there at the suggested location.

          • Hi Pankaj,
            Thanks for your reply.

            Pankaj can you give me step by step guide for changing text “welcome” which is on top left side on logon screen.
            We are using EP6 with J2ee engine 6.40.

          • HI sandeep,<br/><br/>The text it picks up form the umelogonbase.jar file which is there in the portal-inf/lib folder.This jar has inside the labels and properties file ,you have to open file which has a variable “xtit_WELCOME=welcome” cahnge your value from here ,or you can change directly indside the umtoparea.txt where the statement “<%=logonLocale.get(“xtit_WELCOME”)%>” is written write you r statment.The rest of the process remains same .I recomeend using NWDS and then do it.For any clarification mail me at my Email-ID.

  • Hi,

    We choose to use the standard configuration options to enable selfregulated password resets. However, we want to disable the obligation to fill out the first and last name. SAP states this is done via changing the value of the property `ume.logon.logon_help.name_required´in the config tool.

    Unfortunately this property is not present in location it is supposed to be (

    We also want to disable the option of asking a question to the administrator.

    Can you help me with this issue.


    • Hi Thomas,

      When I am logging into the configtool I am able to see ume.logon.logon_help.name_required .Please check once again you will have it there only.
      For disabling the question you have to look for the “ume.logon.logon_help.securityquestion “, in fact both the properties are near by.
      I would recommend you to check it once again.
      (Configtool–>GlobalServiceConfiguration–>Services–> ).
      You can try even doing the same from VA. Please make sure that you restart the system after changing these settings.

      In case all these does not work out try changing these things in the Par file, that should be the last approach .

      Thanks and Regards

  • When i am trying to modify the logon page i am getting this error
    Portal Runtime Error

    An exception occurred while processing a request for :
    iView : N/A
    Component Name : N/A

    Exception id: 04:38_04/06/08_0012_9757450
    See the details for the exception ID in the log file

    please help me out

    Best Wishes
    Idhaya R

  • I want to Modify the browser titel bar for Portal- that shows the “SAP Enterprise Portal-microsoft Internet Explorer” for login page. And the navigation Object name where we are in the Portal.

    Please suggest me on this.

    i want the ADD application server instances Name there that is handling that request.

    Please suggest me some thing urgently
    Narpal S Sihag

  • Hi Pankaj,

    After i unzip the executable JAR file umelogonbase.

    I got the file and did the required modification. However how to make a executable JAR file with the changes included.


    • Hi Shoban,

      You need to zip the entire files and create a zip file using winzip or winrar and then rename the file as jar.

      Keep the file name same and place it on the same folder structure in the Logon Par.

      Pankaj Prasoon

  • Hi,

    I imported the par file into NWDS and added the jar files in to the lib folder under portal_inf and quick par loaded while running the defalult component it’s getting the portal runtime error.can you please help me in the same.