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In this weblog, I will be discussing about how to filter the work items in SAP Business Workplace workflow inbox.  This can be done by the sap delivered BAdi WF_BWP_SELECT_FILTER. It enables the reduction of the number of work items displayed in the Business Workplace workflow inbox.


Enhancement Implementation

As of Netweaver 04s the  BAdi ‘WF_BWP_SELECT_FILTER’ has been added as part of the enhancement frame work as an enhancement spot and you can write the implementation for the enhancement by going to the transaction ‘SE18’ enter the Enhancement Spot name as ‘WF_BWP_SELECT_FILTER’ and click on Enhancement Implementation-> Create from the menu.

Note: The BAdi ‘WF_BWP_SELECT_FILTER’ is available from WAS 6.20 release onwards


The implementing class has an interface IF_EX_WF_BWP_SELECT_FILTER which has two parameters as importing (IM_WORKLIST) and retuning (RE_WORKLIST) values to the method. You can write the implementation for the method as shown below:


Now you can active the enhancement implementation by checking the checkbox ‘implementation active’ as shown below:


Test your enhancement implementation by calling the SAP Business Workplace workflow inbox (using the transaction ‘SBWP’).  You can notice the reduced work items (5) excluding the work items for the task ‘TS00008267’ displayed in the workflow inbox as shown below:


Now you can deactivate the enhancement implementation (uncheck the option ‘implementation active’) to see all the work items (14) in your workflow inbox as shown below:


This way you can reduce the number of work items to be displayed in SAP workflow inbox as per your project need.

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