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T-Shirts, T-Shirts, red, orange, blue, dark blue – T-Shirts galore! Boy is the community keeping me busy with T-Shirts. Have you noticed how many members reached various milestones lately? Well, I certainly have.  Let me share with you that on the week of Sept. 26 to Oct. 3.,   there were over 130 members who changed their status and needed to be sent a corresponding shirt! More than 80 members crossed over the 1/4K mark alone!!  Here take a look.  1/4 K – Klaus Keller, Venu Kumar Nlalabothula, Yonko Yonchev, Eric Wood, Himanshu Pande, Nghia Nguyen, Erwin Heblon, Lisa Strizzi, Dinesh Mukundu, Regina Breuer, Anders Ranum, Jose Velasco, Ed Wenmakers, Glenn Winter, Filip Misovski, Abhay Mhatre, Tracy Rice, Maw Tun, Eli Gomez, Chris Trueman, Luis Orama, Jay Roble, Daniel Rempe, Wolfgang Pfeifer, Robert Mocarski, Rajesh Naidu, Edwin Mukusha, Bryan Mc Cutchan, Dale Van Sluytman, Tzvetomir Vassilev, Sebastian Rettelbach, Tim Steuer, Sebastian Speck, John Krakowski Jr, Cornelius Maguire, Robin De Silva Jayasinghe, Kathy Palon, John Ohlson, kenneth hill, Guy Ruvio, Ravi Swaminath, Stephan Nieuwenhuizen, Miklos Szorenyi, Renchy Thomas, Adi Kavaler, Danielle Swaby, Jim Oppedisano, Ginish Menon, Eric Solberg, Christian Mueller, Ted Sohn, Joachim Pfeifer, Atul Sudhalkar, flavio ciotola, Claus Gruenewald, Austin Chinn, Ryan Leask, Storm Archer III, Pawan Khilari, Vitaliy Rudnytskiy, Michael Briles, Holger Janz, Sri Raghu Kishore Pusapati, Oliver Mainka, Gilberto Hemerly, senthil kumar, Rajesh Sahal, Jason Childers, Jiann-nan Che, Frederic Samson, James Gallman, Sreekanth Gollamudi, Arijit Das, Vaitheeswaran Vutharkar, Ravindranath K, Wilson Hau, Sunitha Subbarao, Mickael Huchet, Jui-Chia Che, Mario Müller, Victor Marquez, santosh D, Satheesh Kumar ILU, Sachin Dabhade   It is so impressive to see our community of contributors growing in number as well as intensity since becoming a 1/4K member means that another person has moved from casual member to a more active community participant. And that is good news for all of us since we all gain from the increased content and shared knowledge.   To all of you who add to your points by helping others, sharing your ideas and experiences, whether its your 10000 point or a much more modest number, I say well done and thank-you.   Congratulations to all who reached a milestone this week!!
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  1. Former Member
    Hi Gali:

    I have cross over too…I’m a brand new 2K Member -:) Next week, your going to see my name on the list -:P Thanx for my T-Shirt.



  2. Former Member
    Good to see so many active contributors.. thanks for streamlining the T-shirt delivery process.. whatever happened to the weekly draw for the iPod Mini.. is SDN waiting for the ZUNEs?



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